Top 5 Internet Security Threats

The Internet can be very frightening. Without internet security software, it is a dangerous place. It’s a simple statement, but it is powerful. Most computer users have encountered some kind of malware. Everybody has been a victim to a virus, spyware or adware. All of these can cause severe damage to your computer and expose personal information. Find more

Each year, online shopping has seen an increase of 25% in digital trading and banking. These actions are very risky and hackers will be very happy if you don’t have internet security software. Shopping online has never been more dangerous. Spam/Spyware is a growing underground market that has a combined value of over a billion dollars. Your information is important. Hackers will invest time and resources in order to gain your information. This makes it more crucial than ever to be able to defend yourself and your computer from hackers using internet security software. Here are five top threats to your internet safety.


Spyware refers to all malware, including Trojans and adware as well as pop-up ads, modified cookie, keyloggers and other forms of malware. This does not cover virus designed to replicate themselves, but not steal or spy on others. Spyware is typically designed to track your online activities and expose security holes. This is often the first step to exposing you to information theft. Hackers have devised sophisticated tools, such as keyloggers, that can record everything you type. This software can expose passwords, banking information, as well as email entries. One quick tip: Avoid anti-spyware that is free. This has been shown to be ineffective, and sometimes can even be spyware. You should remember that spyware exposes weaknesses in your internet security. Search for anti-spyware software that has been recommended by a major magazine. Here’s a link to more information on spyware removal. You can find more information about spyware removal products at the link below.

Identity Theft.

Hackers may use a variety of techniques to get your information. Once the information is obtained, it can be used to make online payments using your credit cards data, divert paychecks, or create false documents. Most internet security software includes protection against this issue. Protecting your online information may be easier with an internet security suite. To protect yourself against identity theft online, you should never give your credit card details to any website that doesn’t offer multiple layers of internet security. You should also search for reputable payment processor logos. Last, but not the least, be sure to read the security warning before you make any payment. It is only right that you take precautions against this internet security threat.

Spam Mail

Spam Mail isn’t dangerous by itself. Spam mail may contain malicious links. They can infect your computer with a virus, introduce spyware and increase spam. A good internet spam blocker is often a good option. Use internet security software and common sense to avoid spam mail. A quick tip for internet security: Do not type your address directly into the Internet. You can use a combination of 13 numbers and letters. This will make adding an address to the spam mail list very difficult.

Phishing Mail

You may have heard the term “phishing” before. You will soon, if you haven’t heard the term “phishing”, it is a serious internet security threat. This is one of the most popular methods to steal passwords and user names. You send messages to your email account pretending you are on trusted sites, such as eBay or Paypal. You will be redirected to a site pretending to be the trusted one. Your personal information is entered and the hacker uses it to make online transfers with your money. This is a real threat to your internet security. It is best to prevent this from happening by updating your web browser to include phishing detection. Webroot’s Spysweeper is another excellent internet security package that has a great phishing detection system. ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite is also a good option.

You! !

It’s possible that this is the greatest threat to your online security. Social engineering, such as clicking on obvious spam links, downloading freeware, and sharing files, is very dangerous on the internet. It is possible to save yourself frustration and identity theft by investing in the best software, and keeping it updated regularly. This is one area where it’s best to avoid the bargain bin. It is important to scan all mail for viruses and spyware before you download any files. In the age of digital sharing, people sometimes trade files, movies, or pictures to bypass internet security.

Are you shocked that computer viruses did not make it to the Top 5 internet security threats list? This is due to several factors. Because hackers can disrupt your internet security and cause havoc, they have shied away from using viruses. But spyware is far easier to make and more effective. Many computer users and Windows developers have taken steps to protect themselves. Antivirus programs are very effective and can respond to new viruses almost immediately by updating the signature database daily.