Acceptance – 7th Awakening is Simple book excerpt

“Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally” -Tolle

Acceptance is hard.

The mind thinks acceptance is defeat, resignation, stoic tolerance. The mind thinks acceptance is locking in a reality it doesn’t like. The mind thinks acceptance is giving up hope.

It’s actually just the opposite. Change happens only after complete acceptance.

We believe that time heals. Time does not heal. Acceptance heals, but acceptance is a delicate thing. It’s not a resignation. It is not a forced accptance that says I don’t like accepting but I will because that’s what I should do. It is a complete acceptance of what is, without grasping or running away from the present. And then, miraculously, life knows what to do.

Look at the moment-to-moment grasping that the mind does. Look at it with Awareness. Be completely still, and fall back into the Now, and you will see that even in this stillness, there is the jumpiness of grasping. We are in a constant process of becoming. Can we release this movement, this becoming, this ‘shoulding’ and just be, right here, right now?

This is Acceptance.

Acceptance is internalizing the rightness of here and now. Acceptance is a loving allowing.

Stop all delays, all seeking and all striving. Put down your concepts, ideas and beliefs. For one instant be still and directly encounter the silent unknown core of your being. In that instant Freedom will embrace you and reveal the Awakening that you are.  -Adyashanti

You read something like this, and you will nod your head and say, yes, this makes sense. I will accept what is. The next time something “bad” happens, guess what? It will be hard for you to accept, perhaps even harder than before because your attention is on trying to accept. But the time after that, it will be a little easier. And again, it will be easier. It keeps getting progressively easier.

If you have a hard time with acceptance, or don’t quite understand it, don’t worry about it. It develops naturally with deepening Awareness and Release.

What is your experience? Can you think of something that was difficult to accept? What is it that allowed you to accept it?

6 thoughts on “Acceptance – 7th Awakening is Simple book excerpt

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Namaste Positivelypresent,

      I had difficulty with acceptance as well. I found that as we release, acceptance develops naturally. If our gentle readers have any other techniques that help with acceptance, please share!


  1. Paul Maurice Martin

    “Acceptance is hard.” Sometimes though, it’s literally the only option. You either accept or lose integrity – and, in some cases, die earlier than you would have.

    I’m nearing the start of my sixteenth year of an incurable, severely disabling and painful rare disease.

    I prefer the phrase “coming to terms” over “accepting” with reference to something this inherently aversive. It is there, but so am I.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for writing. Your courage is inspiring.

      Yes, Acceptance is inevitable and fighting it just increases the pain. We all have to accept what is, and sooner or later, we all do. Sooner is better.

      I have friend who is blind, and lives a full, joyous life. I have learned much from him.

      Please continue to inspire. We have much to learn from you.


  2. mikeS


    Good post, good advice. Surely we must accept.

    However, it seems to me that acceptance does not mean disengagement. In fact, our acceptance should increase our engagement. But for many this is not the case. For some, acceptance becomes almost indifference and detachment, a sort of spiritual bypassing the suffering of the world. The world requires that in our acceptance we remain engaged with a joyful participation in the sorrows of the world (Joseph Campbell).

    Just saying, though….

    mikeS’s last blog post..The World Is An Illusion When Your Purpose Is Unknown

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hey Mike,

      Great point! Acceptance is not detachment.

      Acceptance can be an opening practice for many. For others, (like me), it develops naturally with experience and deepening passive watchfulness. ‘Passive’ is not detached or disengaged…it’s an expansive allowing, a full engagement of even sorrow and grief. It reminds me of a beautiful old, epic Hindi Qawali—Teri Mehfil mein (In your presence)–in which our love-struck heroine laments:

      agar dil Gham se khaalii ho to jiine kA mazaa kyA hai
      If the heart is free from sorrow, what is the fun of living

      nA ho khuun-e-jigar to ashq piine kA mazaa kyA hai
      If the heart is not bleeding, what is the fun of tasting tears

      Acceptance is the allowing of savory tears.


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