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Help me write a book

Purpose | Help me write a book | Help me publish | A view to what's coming | Latest Articles Purpose I recently wrote about the angst we create for ourselves in trying to find our purpose. When there is even the smallest bit of realization that what obscures Truth and joy is our own deep identification to thought, inner purpose becomes conspicuously clear. How can anything else possibly be more important than the inner healing to clear consciousness? When inner purpose is clear, the angst Read more [...]

Awaken Already!

This site encourages people to awaken. Why? Because Awakening is natural being, and awakening is far simpler than you might think. This site is about Simplicity, Truth and optimal reader experience. Awakening is very important and I want encourage as many to awaken as I can. I go for Truth, Simplicity, and optimal reader experience. I present very simple techniques that are easy to learn and easy to incorporate into daily living, and I keep the fluff and mumbo-jumbo out of it. By Truth, I mean that Read more [...]