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Radical Transformation

You see, when the mind is totally aware of its conditioning, there is only the mind; there is no ‘you’ separate from the mind. But, when the mind is only partially aware of its conditioning, it divides itself, it dislikes its conditioning or says it is a good thing; and, as long as there is condemnation, judgment, or comparison, there is incomplete understanding of conditioning, and therefore the perpetuation of that conditioning. Whereas, if the mind is aware of its conditioning without condemning Read more [...]

The Angst of Positive Thinking

Optimism is so much easier than pessimism--it’s more fun, more effective, more validating, more energizing, and closer to Awareness. When we’re jazzed up, people love us and want to be around us. We do more, and we do more with more energy and more enthusiasm and more flow. We want to be positive but many of us live in a very negative internal world, and often we don’t even know it, until it brims over. Negativity demands attention—it builds up, like tornado and sucks us in. It is Read more [...]

What if Susan Boyle couldn’t sing?

You've by now probably heard of Susan Boyle, a modest 47-year old spinster from Scotland who showed up a derisive audience and and even more derisive panel of judges on the TV show “Britain’s got Talent." Here’s how USA Today described the event: Boyle — 47, unglamorous, unfashionable, unknown — faced down a sneering British audience and panel of judges on Britain’s Got Talent, including the ever-sneery Simon Cowell. Then, in an instant, she turned jeers to cheers with her rendition Read more [...]

The Nature of Attention – Attention is the SpotLight of Awareness

We hardly ever sit down and pay attention to attention. It’s actually an amazing phenomena; it directs the envelop of awareness to wherever we point it. Note the nature of attention. It is a funny thing. Attention doesn’t multi-task. It may hop quickly among several things, but we already know we don’t multi-task. Have you ever been behind someone who’s driving and on his cell phone? Then you know we don’t multi-task. photo credit: I Am Content Whatever we give attention to expands. Read more [...]