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Call off the Struggle

The Struggle Two Zen monks were walking through the woods. Suddenly, one Zen monk turned to the other and slapped him. “Ouch! Why did you do that!” cried the slapped monk. The first said, “I’m Zen monk, I can get away with shit like that.” It is so very simple. And the ego loves to complicate it. Really, there is absolutely no need to struggle. In the Indian epic, the Mahabharata—the great 50,000 verse epic poem of human delusion and foible, the climactic scene takes place Read more [...]

Over on…

Over on Urban Monk, Albert writes about Acceptance. Albert's style is personal and warm. Acceptance is important; my turn-around started with the complete acceptance of depression and anxiety. At that time, the acceptance came not from wisdom, but from sheer exhaustion. I was tired of the struggle. The letting go of all judgment about depression, suddenly and unexpectedly brought about the change that had eluded me in my years of struggle. Over on In 2 Deep, Davidya, a few days ago, wrote about Read more [...]