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The Angst of Positive Thinking

Optimism is so much easier than pessimism--it’s more fun, more effective, more validating, more energizing, and closer to Awareness. When we’re jazzed up, people love us and want to be around us. We do more, and we do more with more energy and more enthusiasm and more flow. We want to be positive but many of us live in a very negative internal world, and often we don’t even know it, until it brims over. Negativity demands attention—it builds up, like tornado and sucks us in. It is Read more [...]

Banish the ANGST of the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is not wrong. It’s just upside down. The Law of Attraction does work–Patanjali mentioned it two thousand years ago in the Yoga Sutra, and the ACIM says thoughts can move mountains, and the Buddha said everything we are, we have thought. The Bible says “Ask and ye shall receive.” The problem is wanting. In our dualistic minds, we have come to fervently believe that there is no getting without wanting. We have also come to intimately believe in substitute desires. Read more [...]

GTD – How to Get Awakening Done!

Hard work pays off over time. Laziness pays off right now! Why put off till tomorrow that which you can avoid forever! I’m too lazy to look up the quotations above and give them proper attribution. Browse in a bookstore and the internet, and you find all sorts of advice on how to get things done, how to stop procrastinating, how make money, how to live, how to awaken, how to have relationships, how to be successful, how to manifest, how to get up early, how to network, and much more than I Read more [...]