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Deliberate Creation: choose the best-feeling thought

My journey of spiritual awakening of ten years has gone something like this: After a reading of Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now, I was compelled to find truth. I started by looking into thought, emotion, consciousness, awareness, attention, intention, experience, acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, surrender--all the drama characters of the mind; and then recognized fear as the central culprit; and looked into the self-inquiry "who am I"; and am now exploring the nature of reality. My most Read more [...]

You don’t need no F-thing

What I want is for you to be aware. To live consciously. I don’t want it for you like the republicans want you to be republican. Or insert your –an,  -ist. I don’t want it like an organization. Not like the law of attraction or some other belief system working on people’s desires and hopes. So actually I don’t want it for you. It’s more like here it is. Take it if you’re ready. Pay me, so I can continue to do more. If you want. It’s just that it’s helped me. Transformed, Read more [...]

Getting into the flow of Awakening

Early 2007ish. A relationship is over. Pain. A job is over. Deep in depression. Overweight. Drinking. Giving up. Acceptance. A small shift. Observing the mind, observing thought. Effort. Clever and useless revelations. The year of High energy, high activity. Traveling. Awakening is now far more important than security, approval, or control. A settling. Can’t find job. Anxiety. Severe Anxiety. Discovery of how to release. Clinging to beliefs loosens. Detachment-Apathy-Insomnia-Isolation. Read more [...]

How to get into FLOW at will

What is Flow? How do we get into a state of flow at will? Have you watched an athlete play and been amazed at the ease and grace with which he moves? It seems so easy, natural, efficient, and just right. There is no hesitation in action. There doesn’t seem to be anyone deciding anything; action arises mutually with circumstance. Athletes call this being in “The Zone.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (whose name is just slightly less unpronounceable than mine) first researched this this phenomenon Read more [...]

If you’re happy…

If you’re happy … Congratulations. Don’t waste your time with this…go, be happy (and share your journey in the comments). If you’re not happy, it’s not because you’re ill, or you’re poor, or you don’t have a good relationship, or you’re not attractive/fit/smart/capable enough, or that you don’t deserve happiness…it’s simply because you are uneasy. You have forgotten how to be. Somewhere back there you started to take the ego’s game too seriously. All you have to Read more [...]

Awakening is Simple – FREE!! ebook excerpts

Gentle readers, I’m posting parts of the ebook Awakening is Simple. Over the next few days, I’ll post the following sections: Awakening is Simple / Ripening / Exit the World of Fear and Sadness / Awareness Now / Release / “Cease to Cherish Opinion” / Acceptance / Release Meditation / Metta / Presence / Close Read more [...]

Flow…In a Few Words

It's all about accessing our natural ability to be in flow. When we are in flow, living improves without effort on our part. Flow is happy, non-resitant living in the Now. It is so very natural that when we "arrive" it's hard to remember how or why we ever lived a life of struggle. Where is happiness to be found? We look for joy outside, in power, relationships, accumulation and many other things that make up living, when joy is already shining inside us. Consciousness, uncluttered with mind-stuff, Read more [...]

Flow…A Few More Words

Is flow the same as awakening? Yes. We can think of ourselves as varying degrees of consciousnesses and unconsciousness, dreaming and awakening, illusion and awareness, and resistance and flow. What are the obstacles to waking up to flow? The first obstacle is the deep identification to thought. We are so addicted to thinking that it is hard to see another possibility. Once we have this insight, another obstacle is that mind will look at awakening as it does everything else—something to Read more [...]