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Awakening and Depression

What is depression? Blah-ness. Dryness, emptiness, futility, disengagement. Painful to lift a finger. The opposite of love. Here’s my description of what depression feels like. By depression, I mean the mild to moderate clinical illness which has both physical and psychological symptoms and affects mood, thoughts, emotions and level of energy. photo credit: h.koppdelaney Does Awakening overcome depression? I had episodes of anxiety for twenty years, worsening over time. With this Read more [...]

How do we know what is good for us?

In response to why we don’t do the things which are good for us, Marc asked, reasonably, how do we even know what’s good for us? What a wonderful question! What is it that you really want? The conventional wisdom The lifestyle which our conditioning and society pushes on us is not conducive to awakening. It’s a product of collective and individual egos. We strive for status, money, our mixed ideas of beauty, and certainty. If we look deeply, we see we are conditioned to strive for control, Read more [...]

Why we don’t do the things that are good for us

Why is it hard for us to do the things we know are good for us? What is with us? Why are we not able to do the things which are in our self-interest? What is it that is so difficult about making loving choices? Here’s a simple example. If I want to lose weight, it’s technically very simple. I ingest fewer calories then I expend. I eat when I’m hungry. I never allow hunger to build up. I drink water. I avoid toxins. I stop eating when I’m full. I make healthy choices—I eat nutritious Read more [...]

Allowing the Disturbing States

When I recognized I was in a “spiritual depression”, I decided I would just let it be. Instead of running after the conventional self-help solutions, what if I just allowed, and continued to rest in awareness, and continued to release? What if I just allowed and watched? What might I learn? What I learned from allowing Love: Loving ourselves enough to want inner peace is the key. We can love ourselves to completely allow, so we can see. The way we know we love someone is when we Read more [...]

Dark Night of the Soul — The Opportunity to Surrender

Last week I wrote about the “Dark Night of the Soul”, a common experience of confusion and “spiritual depression” during the awakening process. Brenda suggested a much more appropriate title, and here it is! The dark night is about transformation. When we are seeking higher consciousness, we are seeking to end the tyranny of the ego so we can abide in our true nature, instead of false beliefs. And so, these show-downs of emotional turmoil are inevitable. The ego, the limiting and conflicting Read more [...]

Dark Night of the Soul

Spiritual awakening doesn’t happen because you master some spiritual technique. There are lots of skillful meditators who are not awake. Awakening happens when you stop bullshitting yourself into continual nonawakening. It’s very easy to use disciplines to avoid reality rather than to encounter it. A true spirituality will have you continually facing your illusions and all the ways you avoid reality. Spiritual practice may be an important means of confronting yourself, or it may be a means of Read more [...]