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Awakening and Science: Research in Consciousness

How can the flux of ions and electrical currents in little specks of jelly the neurons in my brain generate the whole subjective world of sensations like red, warmth, cold or pain?” -Dr. V. S. Ramachandran photo credit: Patrick Hoesly Here, I list some interesting research into consciousness. The illusion of free will Benjamin Libet and others have done some experiments which show free will may be an illusion. You are asked to wriggle your finger when you want to while a PET scan is Read more [...]

Awareness Now – 4th Awakening is Simple book excerpt

Awareness Now Awareness Now, Effortless meditation, passive watchfulness, no-mind, True Meditation, formless meditation, natural being, flow—they’re all the same thing. True meditation is not a practice. It is being—just being, without the movement of becoming. It is Awareness. Just stop and look, just be, passively, without the effort of thinking and without the effort of becoming—this is true meditation. It doesn’t happen when we sit and “meditate.” It is a natural and easy state Read more [...]