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What works and what doesn’t work

What works What I talk about here I talk about from direct experience. There is nothing here which is based on beliefs or concepts. In the last four or five years of exploring, these are things I've found: -Most human beings operate from fear and desire. This is what the Buddha called dukkha, or discontent, or if you want to be cute about it, call it dis-ease. We are not easy with life. -Most of us have accepted this state of discontent and unease as our natural state. -All of our troubles Read more [...]


Last week I felt fear, in reaction to a life event. Anxiety, or any other negative emotion, does not have the same gripping power as it used to, but nevertheless I found it curious that fear should come up at all. I notice it first as body sensations, usually a butterfly feeling in the belly. This is the trick to releasing. Once you can see that emotions are just an association between thought and body-sensations, it's pretty easy to release. A feeling is an intuitive message in the body; Read more [...]

The Parable of the Colored Rocks

"Say to yourself, 'I have certain attitudes and ambitions. I also have friends and allies in these attitudes. But what would happen to me if they suddenly withdrew their support of me?' Do this and you will understand one kind of fear - the fear of standing all alone. But you can stand all alone, which is the only stand having no fear. Stand in the light of your own lamp and see for yourself. Self-discovery is really a lot of fun." -Vernon Howard Once upon a time there lived a woman called Maya Read more [...]


Have you ever experienced total peace, total flow? Have you felt complete inner Silence, feeling (not thinking) completely a part of your surroundings, when time has stopped or slowed down? Open up your senses. Meet perception half-way. Listen to the sounds around you right now. See if you can meet them half-way, so that there is no delay between sensing and hearing. There is no delay when there is no interpretation. photo credit: alicepopkorn This experience of innate, effortless awareness Read more [...]

What’s in your toolbox?

As awakening deepens, I notice I have a number of favorite tools. They really are all the same—they all come down to noticing. But it can help to come at this from various angles. The tool I rely on the most is releasing. Because more often than not what is between me and Truth is some sort of resistance. Releasing certainly helps with letting go of the hard emotions, but if you try releasing, you will notice that it soon expands to letting go of beliefs and embodied patterns as well. Read more [...]

Observe without resistance

Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s my mother...and saluting the strength of women everywhere... photo credit: virginia.mcmillan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Resistance Last week I said observe your thoughts, dispassionately, as a witness, and the gaps between thoughts will expand, and as you abide in the gaps, you will see more clearly. The questions which come up of course are don’t I need my thoughts? How can I function without thoughts? Who am I without thoughts? I like thinking. But this is more Read more [...]

Expanding out from Stuckness

"Universal Love is both conscious and loving at the same time. When you experience universal love you understand the action of love. A loving action is a gentle action when gentleness is needed, a firm action when firmness is needed, a compassionate action when compassion is needed, yielding when yielding is needed. Whatever is needed is present — and in the correct balance — depending on the situation... Universal love is an expression of the harmony of the totality." - A. H. Almaas We seek. Read more [...]

The Basics — 13 key points about the flow of awakening

You are born. You die. In the middle some stuff happens. We have trouble with the middle stuff but really it’s simple once we see that it’s all awareness. Our basic state is awareness. Everything else pops up as points of view in awareness. The only essential question is:  Is there enough joy and lightness and compassion in my life? Maybe your essential question is a little different but you know what I mean. This is it. And if there isn’t enough joy and Read more [...]

A Handbook of Awakening – 36 key tips

Notes to self. Get in the flow of Awakening: There is no end-game. It’s an ever-going process. However, there are thresholds, and with some practice, we can be in the flow of awakening, where it will continue to ebb and flow, go forward and recede, on its own, and the movement will be towards a being who is natural, with a tendency to enjoy all experiences, and a tendency to act from fresh innocence instead of stale beliefs and fear. Awareness: This is the magic which makes it all happen. Read more [...]

You don’t need no F-thing

What I want is for you to be aware. To live consciously. I don’t want it for you like the republicans want you to be republican. Or insert your –an,  -ist. I don’t want it like an organization. Not like the law of attraction or some other belief system working on people’s desires and hopes. So actually I don’t want it for you. It’s more like here it is. Take it if you’re ready. Pay me, so I can continue to do more. If you want. It’s just that it’s helped me. Transformed, Read more [...]