John Sherman

Exceptionally simple and clear. An effective technique of looking at the sense of I am.

Jed McKenna

True, clear and direct–even jarring.


An affable Zen teacher.

Eckhart Tolle

I find the book “Power of Now” most useful.

Sedona Method

The Sedona method is an excellent release technique. I got most of what I needed from the book. The emphasis on insistent marketing may put some off. I have a release technique here which is simpler: How to release.

ARO Meditation

This is an excellent, practical guide to meditation. Even if you don’t want to meditate, the explanations are clear and useful. There is a free email subscription which delivers the course in a timely fashion.

Vipassana Meditation

This is a wonderful organization which teaches meditation. They offer, on a charitable basis, a ten day silent retreat. It is rigorous and requires commitment, but you will learn to meditate after this.

Quit Smoking

Allen Carr’s “Easy Way” method is exactly that. The online seminar is excellent.

Rational Recovery

This is a technique to recover from alcohol addiction.  Jack Tripp has an easy-to-read style, and I like that all information and techniques are available for free on his website.