Metta Zap and Release Meditation – 8th Awakening is Simple book excerpt

Release Meditation

“Once there was a man who hated his own shadow. When he walked and found that his shadow was close behind him, he began to walk faster and faster. But the faster he moved, the closer his shadow came. So he ran like a madman…and in the end, he dropped dead. Those who do not understand the Dao are just like the man who hated his shadow. It is actually very easy to be rid of one’s shadow — just rest under a tree. Just rest.”
-Zhuang Zhou

Shut your eyes. Relax. Use any technique to relax, such as Being Present or Effortless Meditation or Progressive Relaxation. Let go of mind-stuff. Let go of any feeling of having to do something. You are just here and now, with nothing to do and nothing to change. Let go of all beliefs and desires. Ignore your body. If thoughts arise, let them, watch them come and go. Continue to let go. Surrender completely. Release everything. Accept. Surrender. See how deep you can go with this. When you are deep in stillness, you will find a subtle movement–a lurching towards the next moment, and underlying wish for presence to be something other than it is. Notice this sublte, constant movement. Noticing it releases it. Let go until there is just a gentle, unoccupied, passive watchfulness. Let go even more.

Metta Meditation

Send out loving-kindness. Send out compassion. Send out gratitude. Feel compassion and gratitude and loving-kindness and friendliness. Feel that you are truthful and compassionate in awareness, thought, words, and action. Feel it deeply, not as a belief or thought, but as what you are. Send out this feeling to your loved ones, and ones who have wronged you, and ones you have wronged. Send it to anyone.

End every meditation session with this metta meditation.

At any time in the day allow the feeling of metta—of compassion, love, kindness, friendliness, honesty—to rise. Allow the feeling to rise and send it out—mentally zap another person with it and see what happens. Zap your waitress, the attendant at the store, the grocery cashier, the cashier who is talking on her cell phone instead of serving you, your loved ones—do it quietly without expectation.

It really works!

2 thoughts on “Metta Zap and Release Meditation – 8th Awakening is Simple book excerpt

  1. alex - unleash reality

    Just rest 🙂 loved the Zhou quote. powerful stuff.

    absolutely loved the first paragraph. really powerful way to explain something that often takes hours to even maybe be experienced. had a full release right there :p

    one of my favourite questions: can i let this go? …and “am i wanting to figure this out?”

    inspiring read. gave it a stumble 🙂

    all the best
    alex – unleash reality

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