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“Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.” -Buddha

Forget about gurus and religions and satsangs. Forget about temples and churches and mosques. You don’t need teachers or guides, and you don’t need psychologists and therapists, and you don’t need self-improvement guides and you most certainly don’t need a “life coach.” There is no “I’ll be happy when”. You’re already here. Forget striving. Forget enlightenment; you’re already enlightened.

This is do-it-yourself awakening. This is not knowledge or beliefs or mumbo-jumbo. There are no recipes or steps or mantras.
Your best teacher is your own innate intelligence. Not your intellect. Not thoughts. But your Awareness, which is the seat of intelligence and the joy of being. This is your direct, personal experience. Now.

We want to be happy. Clearly, when we are happy, everything else follows. No matter what age or culture or gender you are, this is something you can easily accept. You want to be happy.

To be happy, all you need is attention on Awareness. Awareness is simply witnessing and watching effortlessly. Release techniques help us release the past.

Find out who you are without the noise of thought.

These are straight-forward, practical techniques. All techniques lead to Awareness Now:

Observe in the present moment. Observe as a watcher without analyzing or judging. Observe easily without effort. Observe emotion as senations in the body. Observe thought, as a witness. Observe perception. Observe beliefs, concepts, images, and memory. Observe with Awareness, with direct perception, not thought. Be aware of Awareness. When you are comfortable in stillness, observe who is doing the observing. Observe the observer, the doer, the watcher, the witness, the sense of I AM.

Start with the techniques that are the easiest. You will notice the techniques are about Awareness, Releasing or Inquiry. Releasing and Awareness work in an alternating, inter-dependent way. Awareness increases presence, and Releasing keeps the ego in check and helps cleanse the mind. Both will bring about a sense of peace. Play around. Don’t take any one technique too seriously. This is a toolbox.

Coming soon: Awareness Now and Release techniques…

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