How to Light up chakras instantly (Release)

photo credit: BrokenWing739

Light up your chakras!

This is a quick, simple, energizing meditation. It can be done at anytime.

We don’t have to know the colors or positions of chakras or even what chakras or Tantra are, for this to work. Become aware of your spine from the very bottom to the crown of the head. Imagine a bright, energizing light is going off at the bottom of the spine. Imagine that the spine is lighting up with this white bright light progressively, as it extends up the spine. This white light starts at the bottom and begins to extend, and gets brighter and brighter as it quickly moves up your spine, and through the head to the crown. Now imagine that light is so bright, it’s lighting up the whole body. Now it’s even brighter, seeping through the body and then lighting up the whole world!

Try it!

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14 thoughts on “How to Light up chakras instantly (Release)

  1. Amanda

    Wow, very simple, not a lot of technical terms, which can scare some people away from even trying. People of all faiths and walks can understand light and its association with the body. Kudos, I can use this and feel I’ve made a difference to myself without feeling guilty I didn’t quite understand the placement, color,alignment, etc of my radiating energies. Much love.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Thank you, Amanda! Yes, it’s necessary to understand the placement or color or know Sanskrit terms. What I like about this meditation is that it’s quick, effective and can be done at anytime, anywhere. Thanks, and stop by again!

  2. Christina

    wow! it worked! thank you! I can not get the smile off of my face. I will teach my daughter this technique today.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Namaste Christina,
      Yes this is a beautifully simple and easy technique and it get more and more effective with practice…let us know how it goes with your daughter…


  3. I am the Pi in Pisces 3.14 B-Day Same as Albert Einstein

    I was meditating before I saw your meditation trying to open up my Chakras. As soon as I started from my spine my back started feeling better! My back pain originates from my lower spine. Primarily due to not enough stretching when working out oh yeah and boxes falling on it a long time ago. I felt that positive energy in my lower spine as soon as I started. The pain was less severe even after the mediation as well but I’m not cured:”( Excellent meditation thank you for sharing! What drew me here originally, I was searching for enlightenment photos and I saw yours very cool photo too! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for choose to be helpful!
    Be Helpful, Not Hurtful

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Pi,

      I use this this technique to improve mood and energy. It’s interesting that it works for pain. I’ll have to try it for pain. It makes sense, because like any awakening technique, what it really does is makes us present and aware and quiets the mind. In this case it also brings attention into to the body.

      Thanks for visiting and thanks for the kind words!

      love and peace,

  4. Manny

    This meditation is wonderful it helped me a lot. I saw the light go straight from my lower spine go all the way to the top of my crown and once the light hit the crown I saw to things, first I saw What chakra I had then the second reason was that it made me realize that fighting with someone is not the solution it’s the problem. That is because I was fighting with my lil bro and saw that I shoulder be mean to him just be nice. Thanks for everything you helped me a lot thanks kaushik!!!!!!

    Thanks from: Manny

  5. Merry

    Wonderful! It really worked, and like the other person, I cannot stop smiling! I must tell my mom about this; I want to see if it works for her as well. 😀 Maybe it’ll work for her back like it did for Pi. 🙂

    Great site, by the way!


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