Effortless Meditation

Do you find meditation difficult?

The mind is empty only when thought is not. Thought cannot come to an end save through passive watchfulness of every thought. In this awareness there is no watcher and no censor; without the censor, there is only experiencing. In experiencing there is neither the experiencer nor the experienced. The experienced is the thought, which gives birth to the thinker. Only when the mind is experiencing is there stillness, the silence which is not made up, put together; and only in that tranquility can the real come into being. Reality is not of time and is not measurable. -J. Krishnamurti

effortless meditation credit: h.koppdelaney

True meditation is not a practice. It is being—just being. It is being without the movement of becoming. It is Awareness. Just stop and look, just be, without the effort of thinking and without the effort of becoming—this is true meditation. It doesn’t happen when we sit and “meditate.” It is a natural and easy state of being.

True meditation is natural being. The power is in its simplicity. We are so habituated to doing something, becoming something, lurching for the next moment, that in the beginning True meditation may take time to settle, just like a shaken-up mixture of sand and water settles.

Our attention is usually fixed in objects in consciousness. It is fixed in thought and thought-stories, the voice in the head, emotions, desires, fear, conditioning, perceptions, memories, imagination, past, future, grasping, and becoming. We are in Effortless Meditation when attention is not fixed. Attention is just on Awareness, when we just are. Then the objects in awareness are left to their natural rise and fall. There is no effort to manipulate, start or stop these objects in Awareness. There is no grasping, no becoming. There is utter acceptance–no movement to be different or better, no movement to have this or that, no leaning towards the next moment, and no running away from the Now.

It is just natural, effortless awareness; the kind of awareness that a cat has watching a mouse hole. There is curiosity, but not an interfering sort of curiosity.

Effortless meditation is what we are when we give up all practices and rest in choiceless, unbidden Awareness. It has no method. It is not about going anywhere, doing something for a while, or sitting in special postures with special goals. It is just the awaring presence. It happens right here, right now. There is no effort. In fact, anything you “do” will get you out of the natural state. If you expect a shift or some sort of meditative experience, it will take you out of effortless meditation.

Thoughts come. Thoughts go. There is no judgment of positive or negative. Is-ness.

Here’s the short version on how to meditate: Sit comfortably. Do nothing. Be aware of thoughts. Yes, you will get swept away in thoughts. When you realize this, gently bring your attention back to awareness, with a smile. Allow thoughts to come and to go. When you are comfortable with this, you will find in stillness, there is still a lurching, a constant “becoming”, “shoulding.” Let go of the subtle sense of lurching out of the Now. Then, look at who is meditating.

The ebook, Effortless Meditation – step by step covers a gradual path to Effortless Meditation. It covers the common obstacles, a few techniques to ease meditation such as metta meditation and release, and a week-by-week guide, which starts with concentration exercises (Counting, Anapana), and then moves to effortless meditation.

What is your experience with meditation? Do you meditate? Do you promise yourself you will start and have not been able to? Have you meditated for a while and stopped?

6 thoughts on “Effortless Meditation

  1. positively present

    I’ve tried mediation without much luck but I’m planning on giving it another try. I think I’m thinking too much about it instead of just embracing the idea of just being, which is what I really need to do. This post was definitely inspiring for me. Thank you!

    positively present’s last blog post..when life gives you lemons…

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Many people find it difficult to meditate. We can ease our way to it, using techniques that are easier and which we can incorporate into daily living, not just while we’re meditating. There are many: release, observing thought, inner stop…they’re in the ebook “Awakening – Twenty Awareness and Release Techniques. Inner stop is probably the easiest and here it is:

      Sometimes we can find it hard to rest in Awareness Now, meditate, or release. Here is a technique that is easy and effortless. When the mind is resistant, you can simply decide to be momentarily aware. Then you are free to slip into auto-pilot mode. Whatever you are doing, driving, working, talking, listening, thinking, longing, wondering…just use your inner stop to stop and look and momentarily slip into a witness mode, and watch yourself, watch your thoughts, watch your emotions, just for a second or two. It’s a quick wake up. And then go about whatever it is you want to.

      As you do this, you will do it more and more frequently and it will become easier to be a witness to what’s going on inside us.

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