Awareness Now – 4th Awakening is Simple book excerpt

Awareness Now

Awareness Now, Effortless meditation, passive watchfulness, no-mind, True Meditation, formless meditation, natural being, flow—they’re all the same thing.

True meditation is not a practice. It is being—just being, without the movement of becoming. It is Awareness. Just stop and look, just be, passively, without the effort of thinking and without the effort of becoming—this is true meditation. It doesn’t happen when we sit and “meditate.” It is a natural and easy state of being.
The power is in its simplicity. We are so habituated to doing something, becoming something, lurching for the next moment, that in the beginning True meditation will have to settle, just like shaking up a mixture of sand and water settles.

We use attention in one of two ways. We either shine it directly on objects in consciousness, or, we shine it through the mind, where the shine is indirect, filtered , interpreted, labeled, divided reconstructed, and delayed. In Awareness Now, we shine attention directly on objects.

Arjuna said, “My Lord! The mind is turbulent … extremely difficult as the wind to control.” Lord Krishna replied, “Doubtless, O Mighty One! The mind is fickle and exceedingly difficult to restrain, but with practice and renunciation it can be done.” – The Bhagavad Gita

Our attention is usually fixed in objects in consciousness. It is fixed in thought and thought-stories, the voice in the head, emotions, desires, fear, conditioning, perceptions, memories, imagination, past, future, grasping, and becoming. We are in True  Meditation  when attention  is not fixed.  Attention  is just on Awareness, when we just are. Then the objects in awareness are left to their natural rise and fall. There is no effort to manipulate, start or stop these objects in Awareness. There is no grasping, no becoming. There is utter acceptance–no movement to be different or better, no movement to have this or that, no leaning towards the next moment, and no running away from the Now.
It is just natural, effortless awareness; the kind of awareness that a cat has watching a mouse hole. There is curiosity, but not an interfering sort of curiosity.

True meditation is what we are when we give up all practices and rest in choiceless, unbidden Awareness. True meditation has no method. It is not about going anywhere, doing something for a while, or sitting in special postures with special goals. It is just the awaring presence. It happens right here, right now. There is no effort. In fact, anything you “do” will get you out of the natural state. If you expect a shift of some sort of meditative experience, it will take you out of effortless meditation.

“Realisation is a matter of becoming conscious of that which is already realised.” Wei Wu Wei

Try this:

Just be. Notice. Notice thoughts come and go. Notice perceptions come and go. Notice breath and body sensations come and go. Notice Awareness. There is no effort, no doing, no lurching. Just be. Notice that everything we know arises in Awareness. Awareness is the space and silence in which thought and every other object arises. Fall backwards into Awareness. Release into Awareness. There is no effort to this. Just be. Be patient. Awareness will expand on its own.

Thoughts come. Thoughts go. There is no judgment of positive or negative.

Is-ness. Suchness.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” Buddha

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What do you think? The actual experience of Awareness Now is impossible to convey in words. It has to be experienced. What is your experience with staying present, meditating or being aware?

3 thoughts on “Awareness Now – 4th Awakening is Simple book excerpt

  1. positively present

    Just being is one of the hardest things for me to do, but I’m really trying to work on it. I have such a hard time doing anything that doesn’t feel “productive” (like work or blogging, etc.). I need to learn to chill out and I think this series is really helping me to realize that I need to relax (and how to do it!). Thank you very much for this!

    positively present’s last blog my happily ever after now

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Living my happily ever after now…what a wonderful post title!

      It’s ironic that we find it difficult to just be, when Being is the most effortless and the most natural we can be. It’s the mind of course; it’s hard for the mind to relax its grip on beliefs and concepts. Awakening is simply opening the hand of thought.

      For many, releasing eases the journey to being, and that’s what’s coming up next!

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