What was or is your antidote to the uneasiness of being? Alcohol? Nicotine? Opiads?

Whatever it is you’ve probably discovered that addictions and depression go hand-in-hand, and if it isn’t full-fledged depression, it is the constant uneasiness of being.

The solution of course is to awaken. Awaken from the illusion of the mind and the uneasiness goes away, and then there is no need for feel-good chemicals. Awakening just takes the soft, gentle observation of Awareness. A release technique that resonates with you can help soothe emotional turbulence.

photo credit: Mafue

Addictions are a physiological dependence, and they don’t go away with awakening. If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried many different solutions. Doctors, medication, AA, books, detox…some work, some don’t, some work for a while. If you’re trying, keep trying, you will find something that works.

The book Rational Recovery by Jack Trimpey was an invaluable gift to me, and I’m sure many others. It has helped me get past problem drinking permanently and with complete confidence, when other techniques had failed for me. It is very consistent with Awakening.

Jack Trimpey’s technique is simple and powerful. I summarize it here to make the point that it is very consistent with awakening, and that this technique can be used not for just addiction to substances but also for addiction to thought. I urge you not to depend on the summary below, but instead, read Jack Trimpey’s book or visit the website, Rational Recovery. The website is complete and doesn’t hold any information back.

The urge to drink is the voice of the “beast” in our brain which loves to drink. Trimpey suggests to come up with the “Big Plan” to never drink. In awakening, we observe our thoughts. In rational recovery, we observe our feelings about drinking or using drugs. These feelings are generally ambivalent. We have feelings both to drink and not to drink. The feelings which drive us to drink are the “Addictive Voice (AV).” This is the insidious “beast” inside our brain that wants pleasure at all costs. The Addictive Voice is an ego-story, and it is skilled at hijacking our own intellect and thoughts to rationalize and convince us to drink. It is persistent, conniving and sneaky. It will not leave us alone. It is all those things, but its weakness is that it is rendered impotent upon recognition. When you recognize the AV, the voice of the beast, it becomes easy to detach from it. “Recognition defeats short-term desire, and abstinence soon becomes effortless.”

The technique is simply to immediately recognize the AV, the addictive voice, and to know that this not your voice, but rather it is the voice of the pleasure-beast inside your brain. This is a wonderful technique—effective and simple.