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The Mind is a small aspect of Consciousness.


Thanks to the people who are patiently giving me feedback. Ciarin, Robert, and all the people commenting on this site--much thanks for helping and sharing. photo credit: jdxyw What is it that I know for sure? There is existence. Not: I exist. Only: there is existence. I do not exist. It isn't like I existed and someone came by and handed me my mind and my body and my awareness and my life. What was born was a body and a mind and life and awareness and an inquisitive playfulness. Read more [...]

The Inquiry continues…

Because we have it backwards. Notice the way we approach awakening. You get an insight. Then you take on practices. You meditate, you practice awareness,  you practice presence, you observe thought, you release, you loosen attachment to beliefs, you try to understand acceptance, you read, you memorize, you practice, you seek. photo credit: jdxyw You try to understand why you feel dejected and confused, you wonder why you feel this way if you're awakening... The conventional spiritual Read more [...]

You do not exist

You do not exist. You think you think your thoughts. You don't think your thoughts; there is thinking. There is no you or your. It is not your life; there is just life. You don't have feelings; there are just feelings. You don't breathe; there is just breathing. You did not exist before life. Life was not given to you. It's not as if you existed, and someone came and gave you a body to call yours, and gave you a mind to call yours. There never was a you. If you don't exist, how did you Read more [...]

Core Practice – The sense of I AM

Wisdom contains no knowledge. -Zen Saying Knowledge is bondage. -The Shiv Sutras A reflection of the watcher in the mind creates the sense of "I" and the person acquires an apparently independent existence. In reality there is no person, only the watcher identifying himself with the "I" and the "mine". The teacher tells the watcher: you are not this, there is nothing of yours in this, except the little point of "I am", which is the bridge between the watcher and his dream. "I am this, I am Read more [...]

Awakening and Science: Research in Consciousness

How can the flux of ions and electrical currents in little specks of jelly the neurons in my brain generate the whole subjective world of sensations like red, warmth, cold or pain?” -Dr. V. S. Ramachandran photo credit: Patrick Hoesly Here, I list some interesting research into consciousness. The illusion of free will Benjamin Libet and others have done some experiments which show free will may be an illusion. You are asked to wriggle your finger when you want to while a PET scan is Read more [...]

Observe without resistance

Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s my mother...and saluting the strength of women everywhere... photo credit: virginia.mcmillan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Resistance Last week I said observe your thoughts, dispassionately, as a witness, and the gaps between thoughts will expand, and as you abide in the gaps, you will see more clearly. The questions which come up of course are don’t I need my thoughts? How can I function without thoughts? Who am I without thoughts? I like thinking. But this is more Read more [...]

Your Thoughts

Not to be able to stop thinking is a dreadful affliction, but we don’t realize this because almost everyone is suffering from it, so it is considered normal. This incessant mental noise prevents you from finding that realm of inner stillness that is inseparable from Being. Eckhart Tolle Witness your thoughts, quietly and passively without interfering or judging or pulling or pushing, and you will find they are useless. Thoughts, and their derivative beliefs, are useless. Most thoughts are Read more [...]

How do we know what is good for us?

In response to why we don’t do the things which are good for us, Marc asked, reasonably, how do we even know what’s good for us? What a wonderful question! What is it that you really want? The conventional wisdom The lifestyle which our conditioning and society pushes on us is not conducive to awakening. It’s a product of collective and individual egos. We strive for status, money, our mixed ideas of beauty, and certainty. If we look deeply, we see we are conditioned to strive for control, Read more [...]

Why we don’t do the things that are good for us

Why is it hard for us to do the things we know are good for us? What is with us? Why are we not able to do the things which are in our self-interest? What is it that is so difficult about making loving choices? Here’s a simple example. If I want to lose weight, it’s technically very simple. I ingest fewer calories then I expend. I eat when I’m hungry. I never allow hunger to build up. I drink water. I avoid toxins. I stop eating when I’m full. I make healthy choices—I eat nutritious Read more [...]

Radical Transformation

You see, when the mind is totally aware of its conditioning, there is only the mind; there is no ‘you’ separate from the mind. But, when the mind is only partially aware of its conditioning, it divides itself, it dislikes its conditioning or says it is a good thing; and, as long as there is condemnation, judgment, or comparison, there is incomplete understanding of conditioning, and therefore the perpetuation of that conditioning. Whereas, if the mind is aware of its conditioning without condemning Read more [...]