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The mind is under the delusion that there is a separate thinker (doer, controller, I) which runs the show. This can be seen through directly by looking.

The delusion of self

Two years ago I looked into the delusion of self. I wrote about it in the articles categorized as No Self. It's a simple and direct technique. With focus and intensity, you look for the you in your thoughts, and see that the you in thoughts does not refer to anything. I went through it two years ago and in a few days recognized the absence of what I had presumed to be the center of experience. Experience does not happen to me; experience just happens. But nothing really changed after the Read more [...]

You do not exist — tips and obstacles

  It’s not like you existed, and someone came by and said here, this is your body, and your mind, and your awareness, and your life. Now go and live your life. That didn’t happen. ~~~~~~~~~~ What happened was an infant was born. A body-mind-awareness-life was born as an infant. The you came later. You is only an idea. ~~~~~~~~~~ The you that is weaved into every one of your thoughts and emotions and beliefs does not refer to anything. ~~~~~~~~~~ Look at this in real life. Read more [...]

Notice I do not exist

Notice, notice everything, with the view I don't exist, without expectation or anticipation or projection. This is the inquiry I am doing. When doubts pop up, I ask what it is that is doubting. When thought-stories pop up, I inquire who the story is about. My conceptual understanding of "I do not exist" is complete, and yet the recognition has not dawned. photo credit: kevindooley And that's okay. I can be patient. There is no frustration. Only noticing. There is no secret or pointer Read more [...]

The Inquiry continues…

Because we have it backwards. Notice the way we approach awakening. You get an insight. Then you take on practices. You meditate, you practice awareness,  you practice presence, you observe thought, you release, you loosen attachment to beliefs, you try to understand acceptance, you read, you memorize, you practice, you seek. photo credit: jdxyw You try to understand why you feel dejected and confused, you wonder why you feel this way if you're awakening... The conventional spiritual Read more [...]

You do not exist

You do not exist. You think you think your thoughts. You don't think your thoughts; there is thinking. There is no you or your. It is not your life; there is just life. You don't have feelings; there are just feelings. You don't breathe; there is just breathing. You did not exist before life. Life was not given to you. It's not as if you existed, and someone came and gave you a body to call yours, and gave you a mind to call yours. There never was a you. If you don't exist, how did you Read more [...]

Delving into the false sense of self

We must be thankful to Eckhart Tolle. With simple and contemporary words, Tolle has taken mysticism and burdensome reverence right out of spirituality, and presented the essence of natural being in a very simple way. Tolle tells us about the ego (the false sense of "I") and the pain-body (the conditioning which unconsciously drives us). He reminds us there is such a thing as awakening. From the way spiritual traditions deal with awakening, one can easily get the idea that awakening is only Read more [...]