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The Imposter Syndrome

I only recently became aware that psychologists have a label for this phenomena, where people feel a vague sense of shame about themselves. Psychologists couch it for specific circumstances. For example, it's the small insecurity that many feel about their competency in a job, or adequacy in a relationship, as in "I'm not good enough and people will find out.."--kind of thing. But I see it more broadly. The small feeling of doubt or shame that you feel comes from the feeling that you are Read more [...]


There's really only one: observe. Observe the self, observe the mind, observe thought, observe emotion, observe the sense-of-I-am. With honesty. Leonarda da Vinci said "There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see." It seems the suggestion of self-observation and self-honesty is met with these three reactions. Some people are already seeing. Some don't quite understand yet, but are open and sincere. This is how I reacted on the Read more [...]

People On The Other Shore

Purity of Intention -- Awakening is a discovery of the truth about you, and because it's a discovery you cannot bring your assumptions and dogma and beliefs along with you. You can't trust your thinking. You must first sharpen your instruments of knowing. You must observe, as a witness. But awakening does require you to face up to yourself. Which is the thing nobody wants to do. Yet, some people are able to. Why is that? What's the difference in these people? Why are some people able to overcome Read more [...]

Awakening Sutra

Awakening: Awakening is the discovery of who you are. The main instruments of awakening are self-honesty and self-observation. Self-Honesty:  You cannot bring your assumptions to a discovery. You cannot bring your assumptions, prejudices, fixed mental positions, opinions, intellectual conclusions, conditioned mental patterns, fear, or attachment to or identification with thought, emotion, sensation, belief, and ego. Putting these aside is self-honesty. Self-Observation: There Read more [...]

Is physical reality real?

In my last article, I said I was looking into Deliberate Creation. I did not last long. I listened to the book "Ask and it is Given" by Abraham a few times, with the intention of experimenting, but I have lost interest in it. I like the wisdom of choosing my best-feeling thought of the thoughts which are available to me right now. That makes sense. I'm going back to delving into the idea of physical reality. More like the absence of it. Is physical reality physical? It's real of course; that is, Read more [...]

The rational approach to awakening

My approach to awakening has been through insight. I think there are other approaches which I'm not very familiar with (devotion, surrender, extreme suffering, selfless service, spontaneous, and so on). Insight comes from observation and investigation. I get a pointer from someone, I take it as a hypothesis and I look for the truth of it in my own life and experience. It's been important to develop self-honesty and humility. It has not served me to just mentally agree with a pointer. It's Read more [...]

Self-observation and Self-honesty

I imagine that of the seven billion people alive today, each is gripped by fear in his or her own individual way, and those who begin to awaken from the effects of fear, do so in uniquely individual paths. Each path I'm sure is unique, but it does seem to me that there are some realizations which are common. Probably. I'm not certain but it seems to me that these recognitions must happen to all: Self-observation Self-honesty A non-intellectual, non-thinking method of knowing Read more [...]

Being human – notes to self

Life is a journey from fear to love. From unconsciousness to consciousness. The meaning of life is the meaning you give it. You’re a triumvirate of you (soul), mind and body. The answers are within you. The greatest tools you have are feeling, experience and observation. Follow your highest feeling. It resonates with your soul’s agenda. You are a non-physical being having a physical experience. Experience is where consciousness meets the physical world. You exist. Since you Read more [...]

The delusion of fear in the mind

For two years or so now, the way I see it is that life is a journey from fear to love. In most of us there is a delusion of fear in the mind. There is a belief, a feeling, that there is something wrong with life. I don't know how or when we pick this up or why it's universal. There does seem to be support for this idea in spirituality, philosophy, and literature--but really, in my view, the best way to see it is to observe its effects in your life. Not much has changed externally in Read more [...]

Look, release, notice

Hi folks! I know I have not written for a while. Most of us for most of our lives look for answers externally. Some of us for some reason gain the insight that there is somehing off-center in the mind. We see that we are not having a good experience of life, and that whatever is wrong is wrong inside. And so we go off on a search--usually a religious or spiritual search to find the answer. This is what I started about seven or eight years ago. And then I started writing about it here. The Read more [...]