Remembrance: Kantilal

Kantilal Chokshi, my uncle, passed away on Wednesday June 23rd, just a few days after his 71st birthday.

He loved me as a son when I was growing up. He had many challenges in his life, including health and financial problems, but he handled them with dignity and courage, and I will remember him as someone who was always very loving, jovial and generous.

A few years ago he had told me he was at peace, despite his health issues. He was happy that his children had grown up to be very capable and compassionate.

In his last few days, his family and many of his close extended family were able to see him.

His instructions were not to grieve, but to celebrate his life.

Kantikaka understood what it meant to be loving, generous and joyful. Often, when loved ones pass away, they remind us to celebrate what we already have, here and now. But as time passes, with the hustle and bustle of life, we can soon forget.

I will not forget.