My Really Big Marketing Mistake or What is this Site all About?

A marketing consultant wrote about, using it as an example of how not to market, saying:

Take a look at this site on the topic of meditation – and the products they are offering under the “books” tab. Notice anything strange?

I do!

They have some incredible products targeting a sweet spot in a market that badly needs their information – how overcome the difficulty so many people have with meditation.

At stake is our very happiness, health and quality of life – but for all of that they will charge $9-$19 an ebook?

What is the message to someone who visits their site?

What is the enticement for someone who has a list full of those eager to learn and advance their meditation studies to offer their ebook – there doesn’t even appear to be an affiliate program!

Folks, when we put together information for our customers, we MUST know that our information can change their life in meaningful ways and that for them to really understand that, we must charge a fair price in exchange for our effort and expertise.

This author could easily bundle some guided meditations, an interview with an experienced meditator to walk them through the most common questions and obstacles, perhaps even a meditation video series and price their product in the $47-$97 range.

I recognize that this consultant meant this in the kindest and most helpful way, and we did leave friendly comments for each other after this.

And, I fully agree with the consultant. I do want to make a living with writing about Awakening. However, the primary mission is to reach people who are ready to awaken and people who are having difficulty with awakening. I want to take out all the fluff and mumbo-jumbo around awakening, and present what is already simple with simplicity and ease. The theme is “Awakening is Simple”–because it is.

Towards this, you may have noticed some changes:

1) You may have noticed the site is much simpler and cleaner. It is really just about the free articles and premium guides about awakening. I’ve taken off all advertisements and anything else that distracts from the primary mission. You can navigate to anywhere and from anywhere on the site using the menus in the header. In addition, there is now a site map to help easily find what you’re looking for. The three selectors, awake and flow and zen, near the menu, allow for an optimal reader experience. Some people find it is easier on the eyes to read from dark backgrounds.

2) The Open Heart policy is:

Basic information is always free.

Premium guides come with a 100% satisfaction, no-questions-asked return policy.

For those who cannot afford the premium guides, all you have to do is contact me.

3) I’ve set up a newsletter to send out periodical material, such as free guided techniques and summaries. The newsletter, for example, will be an excellent vehicle for a free, graduated meditation course I plan in the near future. Please sign up! You can unsubscribe at any time and of course you can be assured that your email address will never be given out or sold.

4) The categories are expanding to:


How to Awaken (Awareness, Release, Meditation, Awakening is Simple ebook)

Awakened Living–Zen Living, Essential Yoga, Zen habits, Zen Rebellion (overturns conventional wisdom)

Depression—Depression, Addiction, Anxiety and Recovery.

Mind—the ego, thought, emotion, samskara, karma, and the mental frameworks of beliefs which shape our world.

Beyond—stuff that doesn’t fit the other categories

Key Articles

5) I will produce audio versions of the books, audio/video guides, a mentorship program, and possibly a workshop in the near future.

6) You can connect with this rapidly growing community and get instant updates by RSS, twitter, Stumbleupon and of course comments!

And along those lines, if you have any suggestions or feedback, or you just want to say hi…please comment!

11 thoughts on “My Really Big Marketing Mistake or What is this Site all About?

  1. positively present

    Very interesting! I do like the cleaner look of the site and I appreciate lower prices (who doesn’t!), but I understand what the marketing consultant was saying. I also really like how you have an option for people who can’t afford the guides. That’s a really kind thing to offer.
    .-= positively present´s last blog ..what lies beyond greatness =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Dani,

      Yes, the site is cleaner and simpler. I am going for optimal reader experience.

      And yes, you’re right, the marketing consultant makes good sense. Marketing may have inglorious connotations, but to me it’s simply connecting products with people who might be interested in them. I want to do that while I keep true to the intention of this site.


  2. Tim

    I’ve benefited greatly from you site and material. I would imagine that you’re going to produce audiobooks, you’ll narrate them yourself. However, if you *don’t* want to do that and would like me to do so (it’s one of my “professions”) I’m happy to help out.

    Best Wishes,

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Namaste Tim,

      Thank you for expressing your appreciation of the material here.

      I will definitely keep you in mind when I am ready to produce audio. I want to produce audiobooks as well as a free meditation audio-guide. We’ll talk soon.


  3. Tim

    Thanks Kaushik. I’ve done both. (Audiobook & my own Yoga Nidra mp3 narration.)


  4. Brenda

    Love the new site design. Don’t love the attack on it though. The marketer poses the question, “What is the message to someone who visits [this] site?” as if there were a single, universal response, which there isn’t. I’ve noticed several times how others attempt to elevate their view above yours. Don’t fall for it! You are doing everything right, with the possible exception of maintaining your anonymity. You may have good reason for doing that, or you may want to consider sharing more of yourself. When I find a voice I like, I’m naturally curious to know what the person looks like. Regardless, I will continue to follow your blog because you value simplicity and ease as much as I do.
    .-= Brenda´s last blog ..Funny Email =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Namaste Brenda,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      Actually, I’m not really trying to be anonymous. I know people are curious about me, but this is about the simplicity of being, and not about me, so I try to keep a low profile. I prefer conversations through comments, so everyone can benefit, but people can and have contacted me directly through the about page. I’ve written about my personal experience (Depression, my mother, and me) And as we move along, I’m sure I’ll post more biographical articles.

      It’s so nice to hear from you again. Hope all is wonderful!

      Kaushik (real name)

  5. steve

    i really think it’s wonderful that you offer these products at lower prices & even more wonderful that you offer an option for people who can’t afford them at all. i think any kind of “revolution”–political, spiritual, social, artistic, etc–benefits from being accessible to everyone. in fact, the review you received sounded classist to me. the fact is, not everyone can afford a $50 product. i think it’s ridiculous to criticize someone for making their products accessible to everyone.
    .-= steve´s last blog ..What do you really want? =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for saying that. I believe awakening is very important and I whereas I would like to make living from writing, I don’t want money to stand in the way of someone who can be helped by these writings.

      Thanks again!

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