GTD – How to Get Awakening Done!

Hard work pays off over time. Laziness pays off right now!
Why put off till tomorrow that which you can avoid forever!

I’m too lazy to look up the quotations above and give them proper attribution.

Browse in a bookstore and the internet, and you find all sorts of advice on how to get things done, how to stop procrastinating, how make money, how to live, how to awaken, how to have relationships, how to be successful, how to manifest, how to get up early, how to network, and much more than I can list here, or that you feel like reading.

I read a piece on how to find your purpose in life by a popular self-development author. It has to do with writing down your passions and ideas, and some sort of cross section of what you are good at and what you enjoy and what you can market, and coming up with a “mission” plan. Should it be that hard to find your passion? Does passion need finding?
Really, should it be that hard to learn how to be a human being? Does a dog read books on how to be a dog?

All this is fine. You’ve probably tried many of productivity systems out there, GTD and effective habits, and the rest. You’ve read self-improvement books and blogs on “zen” habits and how get up early and how to stop procrastinating and so on. You might have learned about “how” to have relationships; parent-child, mars-venus stuff. If these have worked for you, that’s wonderful, and you don’t need to read further.

Here’s a question: When you have been passionate about something, whatever it is, has it been hard to achieve that? I have a friend who is passionate about traveling, and has little money, but still manages three or four trips abroad every year. I’m positive that you’ve been passionate about something in your life in the past, and I’m positive you were able to learn and do whatever was needed. When our intentions are clear, we don’t need to read about how to get up early or stop procrastinating or how to manifest.

You know where this is going. Clear intentions equals passion equals effortless productivity. So all these self-improvement and law-of-attraction gurus are really trying to tell us is how to pretend to be passionate about things we’re not passionate about. Can that work for long?

The ego lives in a world of fear and sadness. Self-improvement tells us how to negotiate life in a world of fear and sadness. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s just that it’s all upside-down. Do you want to learn how to negotiate your life in a world of fear and sadness? Doesn’t it make more sense to simply leave that world behind?

Leave fear behind. Awaken. And then, as Arjuna Ardagh points out, self-improvement and manifesting and their ilk will seem as insane as a billionaire peddling for loose change on the street.

A combination of releasing and awareness techniques works very well. Awareness is what we need to go beyond the world of thinking; releasing smooths away some of the emotional turmoil that will surface. Releasing is also wonderful, if you, like me, have had depression, anxiety or problems with addictions.

The message I want to convey is that Awakening is not difficult. It is a little delicate, because the ego will put  up obstacles. But looking at some of the resources that are available today, one might get the idea that awakening requires spiritual knowledge or understanding. It doesn’t. One might get the idea that you have to meditate for decades. You don’t. One might get the idea that it’s something you do when you’re older and retires and have more time. Why wait? Happiness is Now. I say hurry up and awaken, it’s only the beginning, and there is a tidal wave of awakening happening across the globe!

Put Awakening on your GTD list.

6 thoughts on “GTD – How to Get Awakening Done!

  1. Lost and confused

    Hello Kaushik,

    I’ve been trying to awaken for years now… every time I feel my being, I am calm but then something happens and I get depressed and wonder “does it have to be this difficult to be a human being?”. I read books, I meditate, I spend a lot of time in nature, I care for my body by exercising and eating healthy, I wake up every morning intending it to be a new day, I contemplate my thoughts, my words, my actions… I try, then I stop trying and get depressed and the cycle continues… I feel like I have lost how to “be” when I was a child and now I am looking for it, trying to remember but find it difficult, often… How DO I get awakening done??

    So sorry for my rant… I just don’t know what to do or think anymore.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Alan Watts said trying to awaken is like trying to be spontaneous. It happens, when the trying is let go of. Awakening can release depression and anxiety. But notice that the first thing we do when we want to awaken is create a lot of angst for ourselves. I have to awaken, I have to get out of this world of fear and sadness, everyone else seems to be doing it, why can’t I, what is wrong with me? And of course, then someone like me posts an article titled Awakening is Simple, and it adds to the angst…

      You are already awakening. You have formed some concepts about what awakening might be. What can help you is releasing. Try this release, or look up EFT (free) and the Sedona Method here.

      Can you accept where you are right now? Can you let go of trying to change? You meditate, do you notice even in the deep meditation there is a subtle movement, a lurching towards the next moment? Can you let go of this and relax deeply? Look at the conversation between Arjuna Ardagh and a seeker in this article.

      Feel free to say what’s on your mind again. I think you have my email; feel free to contact me directly.

  2. Positively Present

    “When you have been passionate about something, whatever it is, has it been hard to achieve that?” When I read this question, I instantly thought “yes!” which is, I think, the opposite reaction of what you were looking for. I really feel passionate about writing a novel, yet I can’t seem to motivate myself…Nonetheless, I think you make some great points here and I really loved thinking about this: “Can you accept where you are right now? Can you let go of trying to change? You meditate, do you notice even in the deep meditation there is a subtle movement, a lurching towards the next moment? Can you let go of this and relax deeply?” Thanks for an inspiring post!

    Positively Present’s last blog post..the grass is always greener…or is it?

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hey positivelypresent,

      For twenty years, I wanted to write and I told people that was my passion. I did nothing about it. Our motivations come from wanting control, security, approval, or a sense of completeness. When I realized this and released the wanting–not the desire itself, but the wanting around the desire, the passion exhibited naturally. Honestly, some desires and “passions” fell away. Sometimes it’s not wanting, but fears. You write well. Perhaps your fear is fear of success? What do you think?

  3. Present conitnious

    awakening, I beleive if its set ahead to be attained its never attained. Because of the unacceptance of what is and where we stand. Its always like when I reach there then it’ll be easy, best solution I found for awakening is when i said to myself if I walk one step ahead I will succeed in my this intention. Success is followed by another success, be it a small success but better than great failures. Thus I gained confidence after finding my potential in the easiest tasks some of which are fullfilled even effortlessly, like sleeping :D. brought a deal of confidence.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Yes, good point, present conitnious (continuous?). It is about completely allowing, without the lurching of wanting change or fearing what it. Thanks, excellent insight.

      love and peace,

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