Fun Questions

The most essential question:

1.       Is there enough joy, love and peace in your life?

Some others:

2.       In your most quiet moments, when you are quiet and there are no distractions, do you feel the unease within you? Is it obvious or is it subtle? Is it a lurching away from what is?

3.      What if happiness is your natural state, and all unhappiness is the pursuit of happiness? Is everything that you do, feel, think, and say an attempt to pursue happiness?

3D Character and Question Mark
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4.       What is the single-most important thing to you?

5.       How old are you if you didn’t know?

6.       What do you look like if you didn’t know?

7.       Right now, are you happy?

8.       What is life all about? What is your purpose? Do you need a purpose? Do you really need a purpose, or do you need the approval it may bring?

9.       What is death? What happens after death? What were you before you were born?

10.       Can you imagine your own death?

11.   If a friend spoke to you in the way your voice speaks to you, what would you do?

12.   Is there a “you” making choices? Do you create your thoughts? Or do “your” thoughts appear in the same way as the stars and galaxies and flowers and wind appear?

13.   Can you find your sense of “I AM”? Look inside. What is the thing in you which feels like the essential “I”?

14.   If you were able to let go of every attachment, what would you be? If you were able to let go of your attachment to things, and your attachment to beliefs and concepts and thoughts and emotions and fear and desire, do you imagine you would be dull? Or do you imagine you would be ever-fresh and innocent?

15.   What is love? Is love the thing between two people we think it is? Or is Love the complete absence of fear?

16.   If you never had any fear of judgment, how would you be different? If you didn’t need approval, didn’t need security, didn’t need to control, and didn’t need to feel complete, what would you be?

17.   If you did not feel any psychological fear, what would you be?

18.   If there is nothing at all that you desire, what would you be?

19.   Without the feeling of fear and the feeling of lack, what would you be? If you wanted nothing other what is right now, what would you be?

20.   In what manner do you run away?


What questions do you have?

8 thoughts on “Fun Questions

  1. Brenda (betaphi)

    Great questions, Kaushik. Right now there does seem to be enough love, joy, and peace in my life. I’d like to think I’ve crossed some kind of threshold and these feelings are here to stay, but I’m not sure that’s the case. So my question would be, Is it possible to reach that state of effortless being and remain there through all manner of external dis-and-dat? Remember, I’m not much of a practitioner.

    I’ve been sharing your Anthony de Mellow quote a lot lately. Love absolutely is the total absence of fear. I get that, and I feel my fearlessness. Your writing has contributed largely to my growing sense of ease. It’s funny how much strength there is in acceptance. Fearlessness sounds like a strong thing, while ease and acceptance sound soft and puny. Maybe there is a requisite combining of male and female aspects in order to achieve one’s best.

    Looking forward to the comments here.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Brenda,
      Is it possible to reach that state of effortless being? Yes, absolutely, that is what abiding awakening is! You say you are not a practitioner but clearly you are evolving, and if you feel you have crossed a threshold, then you have. It’s good to do it in the way you are–sometimes some people get very attached to practice and particular spiritual concepts, and that can be an obstacle.

      Love is the total absence of fear. Love is the feeling of oneness with everything that is. These two statements come as close to putting Love in words as I can, for now.

      Now, see, fearlessness to me is feminine. Courage is masculine. Courage is the overcoming of fear. Courage is effortful and temporary. Fearlessness is when all fear is released–it is natural and effortless state. I find it easier to think of all these heart concepts, such as acceptance and gratitude and forgiveness and compassion and fearlessness, as not something we can gain and accumulate, but something that already is when we are able to release and let go. And so the acceptance which we do with effort and overcoming is masculine. But the acceptance which already is when we stop resisting is not something we do, it is something we stop doing, and it’s natural and feminine.

      Thanks for a very opening comment.

      I hope you are doing well!

      love and peace,

  2. Nitin

    Nameste Kausikbhai,

    1. Is there enough joy, love and peace in your life?

    I think all three are linked to each other. Joy and love will give you peace. Question is not about the amount of joy, love & peace, the question could be that is there constant flow of it ?
    Yes, it can be constant flow of it, if one can live in present, let it go and accept/surrender the situation.
    When one start seeing opponents of these three (worries, fear & conflict) as part of the same (joy, love & peace), then one can be on the path to constant flow of peace.
    For joy, you have to accept who you are, where you are & how you are. Just being and forget the “I, me & myself” and the result will be En-Joy.
    This activity is also part of our effort to get peace.

    As usual, enjoyed you article and comment.


    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Nitin,
      Yes, exactly. Can there be an unperturbed flow of the feeling of love-joy-peace? This is the feeling of the love the life, the connectedness that we all are, and yes, this is what we feel, when we are able to let go of all that is false in us.

      Thanks for the insightful comment.


  3. Janice R.

    Dear Mr. K.,
    I have a question, what does it mean when someone says “Have you seen your original face”?
    Love & Light,

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Janice,
      I think this is a Zen koan which goes: What is your original face before your parents were born?

      Zen koans are puzzles which are meant to point to our true nature. This particular one is designed to help us look beyond our thoughts and beliefs. When you are not identified with your thoughts or beliefs or even the circumstances and conditioning your parents have given you–beyond all that, what are you?

      Here is an explanation from one Zen master:

      “Sweep away thoughts!” means one must do zazen. Once thoughts are quieted, the Original Face appears. Thoughts can be compared to clouds. When clouds vanish, the moon appears. The moon of suchness is the Original Face. Thoughts are also like the fogging of a mirror. When you wipe away all condensation, a mirror reflects clearly. Quiet your thoughts and behold your Original Face before you were born!
      — Daito

      This is what I get from it. What do you think? Perhaps others have a different interpretation of it?

      love and peace,

  4. Janice R.

    Wow, you put the Fred Flintstone brakes on me!
    I am letting this question/answer go. This is over my head.
    Today I am going to focus on some personal honesty. I have been focused on someone else’s behavior too much lately. Not a good sign.
    Take care, love to all,

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Ah yes, self-honesty! I had found it hard to be honest with myself, but I also found that with some attention it develops quickly.

      love and peace,

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