Expanding out from Stuckness

“Universal Love is both conscious and loving at the same time. When you experience universal love you understand the action of love. A loving action is a gentle action when gentleness is needed, a firm action when firmness is needed, a compassionate action when compassion is needed, yielding when yielding is needed. Whatever is needed is present — and in the correct balance — depending on the situation… Universal love is an expression of the harmony of the totality.” – A. H. Almaas

We seek. What is actually sought? Is it not unconditional wholeness?

8 March

photo credit: Alessandro

Nothing out there can provide it. Unconditional wholeness is found in your own true nature. It is found in Awareness.

The ego does not want to believe that. The ego believes it takes striving and advancement and spiritual methodologies.

When we can observe how objects come and go in Awareness, and we observe how these intertwine with the ideas of “me” and “my” in what we call the ego, insight comes as to what is really constant and present.

This is why I talk about Awareness and self-inquiry, and Releasing and letting go, so we may discover the assured serenity of our true nature.

Expanding out

Someone pushed a gun into Byron Katie’s midriff. “I am shocked that he is taking his thoughts so seriously. He doesn’t understand that the thought of killing causes guilt, which can lead to a life of suffering, so I ask him, as kindly as I can, not to do it. I don’t tell him that it’s his suffering I’m thinking of. He says that he has to do it, and I understand; I remember believing that I had to do things in my old life. I thank him for doing the best he can, and I notice that I’m fascinated. Is this how she dies? Is this how the story ends? As the joy continues to fill me, I find it miraculous that the story is still going on. You can never know the ending, even as it ends. I am very moved at the sight of sky, clouds, and moonlit trees. I love that I don’t miss one moment, one breath, of this amazing life. I wait. And wait. And in the end, he doesn’t pull the trigger. He doesn’t do that to himself.”

View points are mind activity. Thoughts, emotions, perceptions, beliefs, methodologies are viewpoints. They are viewpoints in Awareness, not Awareness. Awareness is the background canvass which makes it all possible.

Just observe.

Gently watch. Watch thought, emotion, perception, mind activity. Do not judge, do not analyze. Simply watch.

Use your inner stop.

Gently watch the voice of thought.

Gaps of Awareness will expand.


Stuckness is a block, a wall, inertia, anxiety, fear.

It’s scary, exhausting, confusing.

You can face it and release it.

You don’t believe that.

It is skill which develops.

It takes love and patience.

It takes allowing, facing it, not in a scary way, but just looking at it, feeling it, and letting it do its thing. Breathing through it, allowing it. Only resistance holds it here.

The stuckness means well. Your resistance is trying to protect you.

This is what you do with stuckness.

Feel it. Don’t resist. Allow it. Welcome it.

Expand your body. Make room for it. Make space for it. Open up. Expand as big as you can to make even more room for it.

Ask yourself if you can let it go now. Only in this moment, at this time, can you let it go? No is a good answer.

Do it often.
When you are tired

Take a break. You will always come back. You have no choice. You want Truth.


And I too am taking a break, to handle a transition. I will be doing something new, in a new place. I’ll post again soon, probably in three weeks. Please sign up for the email, RSS or Twitter updates in the sidebar and you will know when I post next.

In the meantime, as always, I love to hear from you in the comments or by email.


33 thoughts on “Expanding out from Stuckness

  1. Eduard @ Ideas With A Kick

    This sounds very spiritual. I like the idea of taking a brake. It gives the mind a chance to adapt and refocus in a new way. That’s how you get unstuck. This is why I like meditation and… sleep. Good ways to refocus.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Eduard,
      Spiritual as in having to do with spirit. Yes, taking a break is often helpful! I hope you’re dong well.

      love and peace,

  2. Brenda (betaphi)

    Love this gentle post and the picture especially since my daughter is about to give birth. I’m looking forward to the expansion this new life will bring. I’m also looking forward to hearing about your transition. I will miss your weekly posts. Please take my enormous gratitude with you wherever you go.
    .-= Brenda (betaphi)´s last blog ..Global Thinkers =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Brenda,

      Thank you, I am trying for a simpler voice. Thanks for your encouragement. I will be back in about three weeks.

      I hope you are doing well my friend.

      love and peace,

  3. Patty - Why Not Start Now?

    That’s a beautiful quote, Kaushik. And things sure do become clearer when we begin to understand that seeking is about looking within rather than outside of ourselves. Thanks for that reminder. And wishing you all that you need from this break. I’m a big believer in taking the time we need to handle our transitions. Take care.
    .-= Patty – Why Not Start Now?´s last blog ..Meaning Mondays: The Birthday Edition =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Patty,
      It is a wonderful quote, isn’t it? It covers compassion, but also points out that we don’t need any methodology. Awareness is innocent and free and always knows what to do. Seeking it seems is something we all do to realize it is ego’s movement.

      I hope you are well!

      love and peace,

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi John,

      Thanks–you’re right about the indescribable gifts. Byron Katie is wonderful. I love her books.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting and I hope you are well.

      love and peace,

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hey Lisa,
      The quotation is amazing. Both quotations are good examples of Life knowing exactly what to do, in innocent and non-conceptual awareness, when we can simply allow. I think I first read Byron Katie’s anecdote in her book, A Thousand Names for Joy.

      I hope you are well!

      love and peace,

  4. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    Kaushik, two brilliant points of synchronicity here:
    1. I was listening to a Pema Chodron CD (“Getting Unstuck”) last week and loved the idea of shenpa — what it is, and what it isn’t. I thought of you and what you write about here.
    2. I just picked back up a Byron Katie book I hadn’t quite finished… And in this post, isn’t it beautiful how you reference both things?

    The gentleness with which you discuss ego attachment and getting unstuck reminds me of Pema Chodron.

    I keep moving mindfully toward being fully awake. Sometimes it feels like I’m taking two steps forward and 1 3/4 back, but that’s okay. We do as we do, and it’s all perfect.

    Enjoy your transition, and I’ll look forward to new posts whenever they arrive.
    .-= Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord´s last blog ..Life, Death, and Reflection =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Megan,

      Ah, synchronicity! I try not to get mystical but the one thing always strikes me is how what we seem to need, pops up in the right way at the right time!

      I love Pema Chodron’s wisdom. I did a quick look up on shenpa and here’s a site that has some audio of her teachings: http://www.shambhala.org/teachings/category.php?teacher=3.

      Byron Katie is someone I go back to often. When I first looked at “The Work” some years ago it did not really resonate. But I always loved her books and to me she is someone who as everyday, regular, non-spiritual person completely embodies awakening and compassion. With time, as my mind stilled, I see the effectiveness of “The Work.”

      I know what you mean about 1 3/4 steps back. It’s ebb and flow. It used to be very frustrating to me. The frustration lessened as I realized I just need to expand my purpose to include the seemingly backwards steps, with patience and love.

      It’s always a joy to hear from you, JoyGirl!

      love and peace,

  5. Jan

    Thank you for this. You say it so well, and you urge us on to simply be with and embrace what arises. Breathing through stuckness is such a powerful practice. Allowing it to be, just filling it with our awareness, then our tenderness, then we let go and all is well. With practice, as you say, it is not that hard. The ego just makes it so. This is one of my biggest learnings (and practices) over the years and it feels good to finally be on the other side of it. There is no holding back anymore. All is possible with belief, breath, and tenderness to self. And if we ARE stuck and nothing works, that’s ok too. It will pass in time…The less we grasp and have an opinion, the easier things flow.

    I will look forward to your new site, look, words….

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Jan,
      Yes, exactly so. We remain aware. We release. We breathe through it. We can meditate, if so inclined. Resources are very accessible these days. We can read and listen to teachers, Eckhart Tolle, Adyanshanti, Candice O’Denver, The Sedona Method. Byron Katie, Pema Chodron, and many others.

      Jan, you’ve said it well–we go through states and flow and ebb, and at some point we expand to allow all of it. It takes patience and love.

      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

      Someone just sent me this excellent meditation by Adyashanti: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/Adyashantis-Meditation-Allowing-Everything-to-Be-As-It-Is

      love and peace,

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Amit,

      Yes, exactly, taking a break to recharge, refresh and handle a move. I’ll be back soon. Glad to see you’re back!


  6. Liara Covert

    Moving through blockages allows us to reconnect with who we really are, with what we are looking for–peace, love, and a deep connection with all life and all things. You remember who you are is what you ultimately desire to be, but temporarily forget to encourage new expansion.
    .-= Liara Covert´s last blog ..Attune to your own vortex =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Liara, eloquently put. Moving through blockages is being still, passively watching what is happening inside, breathing, letting go.

  7. Dan

    “Use your inner stop.” Can you please explain? Everything in this post makes so much sense to me, but I am stuck with this phrase. I hope your transition goes smoothly. I hope all is well. I’ll be watching

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Dan,

      Thanks for asking a wonderful question! Once we have the insight that we are caught up in the mind, we usually take on some sort of practice. This may be trying to be present, as Echkart Tolle suggests, or meditate or many others. I like the very simple practices of being aware, and of releasing, because they are easy and integrate very well in daily living.

      Whatever we do, we will often find ourselves caught up in thinking. Sometimes thoughts and emotions and stories get overwhelming or very compelling. So it is good practice to get into the habit of using your inner stop often. You may find you will suddenly remember and be able to come out of the fog of thinking and being elsewhere, back into the reality of the present moment.

      The inner stop is just reminding ourselves. Here it is:

      Use your inner stop—STOP. Watch what is going on in the mind and the body. Quickly, passively, with a smile, scan your mind and body. Relax and fall back into Awareness, even if it is just for a second or two. Use your inner stop particularly when you are lost in thought, agitated or in an emotional interaction with someone. Stop, and see where attention is. Is it lost in thought or emotion or a story? Gently, bring attention to the breath, or in the body, or into presence.

      I hope this helps.

      love and peace,

  8. Liara Covert

    Love the image included with this post..
    Some people sense the real them never takes breaks for there is nothing 2 take breaks from. As you attune to nothing, then every kind of distraction conceivable simply dissolves an falls away. For this true self has no conception of ‘stuckness.’ All it knows is how to just be.
    .-= Liara Covert´s last blog ..What distinguishes your world? =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Liara,
      The image is humanity. Yes, your point is wise, there really is no such thing as stuckness. Seeing that it the trick. Awareness knows just how to be, when we can fully allow.

      love and peace,

  9. Velva

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