Donald Trump – the Rise of Authority

I thought the dangers of Trump were painfully obvious–but likely that’s how everyone feels about their own views, that they are obviously true. Support for Trump is a significant minority, disdain for him is much higher, but the surprising thing is that support is not from just poor angry under-informed white men, as many think. It’s pervasive.

Many don’t seem to see or don’t care about his attacks people of various ilk, his narcissism, or his lack of sensibility for human advancement. I don’t think even his supporters can say what he stands for and or what he will do as POTUS.

But his supporters are not thinking of advancement of the nation.

They crave authority.

Many assumed in the beginning that his supporters must be mostly under-informed, angry, dis-enfranchised white men, easily riled up, but that did not fit. Now I see what is common in his supporters is that they crave authority. They want someone to lead them, to tell them how to feel, to magnify their base instincts without guilt. They want to blame someone else–it is the Mexicans and Chinese and Muslims who have taken their country away from them and by God (or Trump) they will take it back. Trump is their Viagra!

Trump has said that he could go out on the street and shoot somebody and his supporters would still support him.

One might think that this kind of disdain from Trump of his own supporters would turn them off. But I don’t think they’re hearing anything.

That he believes that his supporters are loathsome enough to support him no matter what he says or does, is part of his cynical play.

I see Trump is a very smart man with an uncanny dexterity to appeal to a particular kind of supporter. He uses emotion, fantasies, name-calling, and hyperbole, which guiltlessly confirm his supporter’s own prejudices.

If Trump makes sense to you, if you’re willing to overlook racism and xenophobia, this may be a good opportunity to examine questions of alienation and the need to feel powerful.

Here’s some confirmation: politico article.

Also: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Trump


I recognize my reaction to Trump too is the intricate play of Maya–the play of illusion, fear and attachment. That’s that fun of it.

6 thoughts on “Donald Trump – the Rise of Authority

  1. Nitin

    Good day Kaushik,

    Isn’t a repetition of Duryodhan(Kaurava) who filled with ego & lived under the wealth and power, believe that he can do anything under political authority. Don’t know more about American politics, it seems that American core people (not the immigrant) are not educated(21 century) about fellow human needs and equal rights of poor & unfortunate human being. Fear are there on both sides, and it may lead to bad future for all of us.
    My opinion, if American stop telling rest of the word how to live, rule & wear, rest of world will be lot better…….especially middle east.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Nitin,

      That’s interesting, to compare Trump with Duryodhan. It’s the egoic drive for power.

      You are right, it’s fear. That’s why this round of Presidential elections are so interesting. It seems to be the division of the fear on the right that America is losing her power; and the fear on the left that America is being taken over by radicals. Fear is what makes the ego troublesome.

      The drama continues.

      Thanks, Nitin, and I hope you and your family are doing well!


      1. Nitin

        Hello again,

        We are doing good, just came back from India trip of 4 weeks after 10 years. It’s exciting, happy & sad feeling when you find fellow Indian and family members are in not a change / better situation. It seems that fundamental are missing since ancient time (Rama / Krishna) why average Indian are ignorance about cleanliness, In my opinion, if India did not had British rule for 200 years, we would be no better than afghan ??
        Glad to see that there are changes happening within big cities, it’s hard to see it, it seems that they are moving in better direction.
        It is so hard to describe India, it is challenge, adventure & fighting with human jungle ??? Feel so fortunate to be part of the Canadian other than weather, we always be Indian who love Indian philosophy and way of life describe in Vedas.
        I hope that you are doing great and happy within self.


        1. Kaushik Post author

          Hi Nitin,

          There’s a lot about the Indian culture which could be better–but I think overall there is progress. And a trip to India is always spiritually refreshing. I think it’s because it invades the senses, the diversity and noise and hustle and the full spectrum of the human condition, invades the sense and one can’t help but be present to it.

          I’m doing very well, thanks.

          Take care,

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