Deliberate Creation: choose the best-feeling thought

My journey of spiritual awakening of ten years has gone something like this: After a reading of Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now, I was compelled to find truth. I started by looking into thought, emotion, consciousness, awareness, attention, intention, experience, acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, surrender–all the drama characters of the mind; and then recognized fear as the central culprit; and looked into the self-inquiry “who am I”; and am now exploring the nature of reality. My most effective tools have been self-observation and self-honesty.

Over this course, I’ve opened up to the idea that consciousness is all there is. We co-create physical reality in consciousness. This  understanding has not completely gelled–I know it only intellectually.

Related to the idea of one-consciousness are the ideas behind “Deliberate Creation”–something which previously I had resisted but now am compelled to explore

The critical question is how do I test the truth of deliberate creation ins real life?

To test the truth of these ideas in my own experience and observation, I choose the best-feeling thought from the thoughts which are available to me now. And observe the effects.

Some other thoughts on this:

  • Life is meant to be fun
  •  Follow my highest feeling
  •  My feeling about a thing is my best guide
  •  There is only consciousness. I am an individuated physical extension of eternal spirit through which consciousness creates and observes and experiences physical reality. I chose to be here.
  •  Who I am being at this time is reflected back to me. I create my observations and experiences.
  •  The purpose of life is to move from fear to love. From unconsciousness to consciousness; confusion to clarity; ego-identification to awareness.
  •  There is only one thing I know with absolute certainty. That is, that I AM. I exist and I am self-aware. Everything else is a belief or perspective.
  •  Clear the mind. Three effective techniques for clearing the mind are to look-at-you, releasing, and self-observation.
  •  I must believe my perspectives influence or create what I experience and observe, or at least I must suspend the disbelief of this, for if I do not believe I create my experiences, that is the reality I create.
  •  I cannot have anything that I want. If I want something, I create and observe the reality of wanting something, which manifests immediately.
  •  I must believe that deliberate creation is easy, or at least suspend the disbelief of this, for if I believe it is difficult or undependable, that is the reality I create.
  • Deliberate creation begins with a desire. We misunderstand desire. We associate desire with not-having, with coveting, with yearning. Desire is the appreciation.
  • To test the truth of these ideas in my own experience and observation, I choose the best-feeling thought from the thoughts which are available to me now. And observe the effects.

“If you had one goal, and that was to feel good, you would never again need to hear another word from anyone. You would live successfully and happily and in a way of fulfilling your life’s purpose ever after.” -Abraham

“Your emotions indicate your current beliefs in relationship with your current desire. If you really want something and you do not believe you can achieve it, you will feel strong negative emotion. But if you really want something, and you believe you can achieve it, you will feel strong positive emotion. So, for any desire to be realized by you, you must find vibrational compatibility between your desire and your beliefs.” -Abraham

“Manifestation is the visible part…” -Mckenna

“Your thoughts and emotions determine your dreamstate reality. That’s where you start. From there it’s just a matter of simplifying the equation and eventually seeing that your thoughts and emotions are your dreamstate. It’s all just consciousness, you are just consciousness. There is nothing else. Once that goes from thought-level concept to full-immersion awareness, you naturally merge with the currents instead of being tossed about by them.” – Mckenna

4 thoughts on “Deliberate Creation: choose the best-feeling thought

  1. Yvonne

    This is interesting Kaushik. I had not thought of desire being appreciation, and so distinct from wanting. I agree that wanting something creates the reality of wanting. I’m less convinced though, by the ideas from Abraham that you quote. My observation is that it’s too easy to get fooled by emotions and strong positive emotions can be created by fantasizing, without following up with inspired action – or can lead to trying to manipulate events or other people so that you can keep feeling that positive emotion.

    I know I’ve done that, and have fallen prey to suppressing my own and others “negative” emotions whilst believing I was releasing them. I’d say that how much we try to control is a better guide of how open we are than what we feel. I’m extra sensitive to this at the moment because of the amount of manipulative behaviour I’ve seen in others lately and therefore looked inside to see where I was doing the same. For me, that mirror is one of the best ways to awaken to our own games. For example, as I mentioned on your last post, my country votes today whether or not to separate from the UK. I have felt frustrated that on a political level there has been so much blaming of others and so little willingness to take responsibility. Seeing this, I asked myself, where do I do it? I saw very quickly that I do it in 2 areas of my personal life, and this realisation led to an instant thaw in my feelings towards someone close to me.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Yvone,

      I agree with you–it’s easy to get fooled by strong positive emotions, and probably worse, it’s easy to repress negative emotions and not see them.

      When I started this journey, the ideas around the Law of Attraction and The Secret were very popular in spiritual circles. But I resisted them. Mostly I didn’t like the energy of material desires around it. Rightly or wrongly, I felt it would retard my quest for clarity.

      With increasing clarity, I now see that consciousness is all there is, and the idea that who-am-I influences the experiences I experience makes sense to me, and so I’m exploring this. The thing that makes most sense to me is to follow my best-feeling thoughts. I think you are right in that it can be easy to confuse emotions, to repress emotions, and to fail to distinguish emotion from feeling; and this is where clarity of mind can help, which is why I would recommend to work on clearing the mind first (observing, releasing, self-inquiry).

      Still, I understand what you’re saying. I’ve been humbled many times. I’ve been jarred, even after ten years in the quest for clarity, on realizing that repression and conditioning are pretty deep, and there is further to go.

      The responsibility you talk about is very important. If there is truth to deliberate creation, it also means that clarity includes the recognition and owning of personal responsibility.

      Thanks Yvonne.



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