Banish the ANGST of the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is not wrong. It’s just upside down.

The Law of Attraction does work–Patanjali mentioned it two thousand years ago in the Yoga Sutra, and the ACIM says thoughts can move mountains, and the Buddha said everything we are, we have thought. The Bible says “Ask and ye shall receive.”

The problem is wanting. In our dualistic minds, we have come to fervently believe that there is no getting without wanting. We have also come to intimately believe in substitute desires. We replace the desire to be complete (more accurately to stop the continual effort of resisting the completeness which we already are) with many other substitute desires, for money, for the perfect partner, for status, power, control, security and so on.

The LOA is very much a part of this insanity. Whether the LAO works or not is not important. What’s important is to look at this gnawing desire we have to want that the LOA to work, even in the face of contradiction.

The people who use the LOA or believe in it, most likely live in a western country, and belong to the approximately 10% of humanity which is disproportionately blessed. The LOA does not seem to work for 90% of humanity which struggles for bare subsistence, water, food, shelter, safety and basic rights.  It does not work for victims of genocide and war. It does not work for victims of fate and the accident of geography. It does not work for starving children.Yet, some of the 10% incredibly blessed are able to say that, yes the LOA may not work for truly unfortunate, but it damned well better give me money or the perfect partner because that’s what I want.

Joe Vitale was one of the original pushers of the LOA in The Secret and today he has reversed himself. He says LOA intentions are actually limiting. LOA intentions are narcissistic and egotistical; it cannot be any other way, and they obfuscate divine inspiration.

There is truth to LOA but it’s not at all what the cluttered, dualistic mind believes it to be.

The LOA’s promise is not much different from religion’s promise of heaven in the future, or science’s promise of a high-tech utopia in the future, or the hidden colonial promise of a beautiful, mono-culture world. The LOA is possibly more unabashedly materialistic than the other promises. The important underlying theme in all promises is that they are all about the future.

If you’re using the LOA or ‘master-minding’ or visualizing or a similar spiritual practice, you are limiting yourself. You are a billionaire begging in the streets because you don’t realize you are a billionaire. Your limitations are your desires. In the cluttered mind, you hear the noise of egoic desires, and are deaf to true intuition and inspiration. What are your desires? Power—do you want money? Approval and security—do you want the perfect partner to walk into your door? Better health? You want to be more attractive? Maybe you want to save the world from itself? Whatever the desires are, can you look at emotional aspects around the desire?

If you look at your desires in awareness, you see that all desires come from the need for approval, control, security, or avoidance of the fear of separation, and, interestingly, their opposites. I find it easier to generalize and say that desires arise from the need for power or the fear of powerlessness. It’s difficult to thwart or release desires. It’s not necessary to thwart or release or rationalize. See if you can release the surrounding aspects—the emotional needs around desires. Does the desire arise from the wanting of approval, security, control, or is from avoidance of fear? More simply, does the desire stem from the wanting of power, or the fear of being powerless? Can the emotional aspects be released? The desires may vanish; if they remain they are inspiration, not egoic desires.

What do you think? Have you been using the LOA? Has it worked?


Namaste Gentle readers,

A reader asked where Joe Vitale recants. Here are two links where he talks about inspiration versus intention.

But really, does it matter what Joe Vitale says? The intellect cannot contain the Truth of reality. We are of course free to take on other people’s beliefs and words, but the only truth we can count on is direct experience, not beliefs, and certainly not beliefs we desperately want to believe. My experience is that egoic desires manifest if we put a great deal of effort and struggle behind them, because  focusing on egoic intentions energizes the limiting beliefs around them. True inspiration comes from Awareness. It is far more powerful, and needs no motivation, discipline, or beliefs.

To an extent the LOA is even an obstacle to awakening for many. The problem is that these practices (the LOA, positive thinking, the call for optimism, etc) are really based on denial. Even when we can get away from the unabashed materialism of the LOA, the problem is that the LOA and similar practices are based on focusing on the positive, which can only be done by denying and suppressing what we consider the negative. The suppressed negative does not go away; indeed, negativity festers, and this is why the LOA and positive thinking do not work for most people. True transformation happens when we can completely face up to who we are, accept what is, without judging it positive or negative, and let it go.

Awaken first, and experience truth for yourself.

Update July 30:

A quotation from Gina Lake:

However, the subject of positive thinking is complicated by the fact that some positive thinking is definitely ego-based. Some positive thoughts are just more of the ego’s stories or lies and simply reflect its fantasies and desires and, therefore, only continue to keep us out of the present moment and in its unreal, made-up world, rather than free us from it. A lot of the thoughts that attempt to “manifest your reality” are of this nature. They are imagining a future the ego wants and trying to make that happen. That’s just what egos do. Egos also imagine negative futures, and those teaching manifesting are just teaching people to try to create a more positive one. These positive thoughts and imaginations may be useful if they are aligned with Essence’s intentions for your life. But if they aren’t, they just cause more suffering because you still won’t get what you want—and now you’ll blame yourself for it. The idea that we manifest our reality is leaving a lot of people feeling bad about themselves. They believe that they should be able to create the reality they (the ego) want. But—guess what—nobody consistently succeeds at that because there is something much bigger than your ego here, and it is orchestrating your life and everyone else’s for the wellbeing of the Whole, and not necessarily catering to your ego’s particular desires and preferences. Although your will is a factor in creating life and certainly in your experience of life, your will doesn’t determine what happens (although the ego would like to think so).

Some people have succeeded at manifesting something they wanted because it was Essence’s intention to give it to them anyway. They thought they created it with their will, but Essence created it or allowed it. Sometimes our negative thinking interferes with receiving the opportunities or abundance that Essence intends for us, and when that is the case, positive thinking can help remove the blocks to receiving that. However, what isn’t acknowledged by those teaching manifesting is that sometimes limitation is the experience Essence intends for us for the time being because a great deal can be learned from it. If that is the case, all the positive thinking in the world won’t bring abundance until Essence is ready to allow that. This Intelligence that we are is very wise in bringing us exactly the experience we need to evolve us, that is, to make us more wise and loving.

Another problem with positive thinking is that it may be used to deny feelings. If sadness is present, for instance, it isn’t helpful to declare “I’m happy.” Positive thoughts can be used to neutralize the negative thought that created the feeling, but if negative feelings are present, then being present to them is what is needed. Being present means allowing whatever is. If a negative feeling is there, you say okay to it and let yourself experience it (without feeding it with more negative thoughts). Just let it be there and see what you can discover about it. Being present to a feeling with compassion and acceptance will reveal the negative belief that caused it, and once you see that, that is often enough to release or dissolve the feeling. At that point, bringing in a positive thought to neutralize the negative one might be helpful. For instance, if you discover that you are feeling sad because you are believing the thought “I will never be loved,” you can counteract that with the truth (which happens to be positive): Love is abundant in the universe and in me. Love is available to me now and in every moment when I choose to recognize it and express it.

The kind of positive thoughts that are most helpful are those that reflect Essence’s viewpoint, or Truth, which is essentially that life is good, life is trustworthy, and you are divinely loved and treasured, as is all of life, and you are having exactly the experience you need for now. All is well and in good hands. Rest, allow, love, and be.

43 thoughts on “Banish the ANGST of the Law of Attraction

  1. Lisis

    You know, I actually tested it a few times recently as we were arriving at some major life decisions. I finally came to the conclusion that it’s one of those things that is easy to say it works if you are successful and have everything you want. You can say the success is due to LOA, but after the fact.

    It’s like you said, for the 90% out there who have little or nothing, LOA is not worth much at all as a strategy to change their circumstances. This makes it kind of irrelevant, it seems. If you can’t use it to your advantage when you need it (even for non-materialistic purposes, like feeding the hungry, or healing sick children)… then what good is it?

    Wonderfully thought-provoking post… best I’ve seen on this subject, by far!
    .-= Lisis´s last blog ..Adventure: Taking a Giant Leap of Faith =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Lisis,

      Thank you for the kind words.

      Yes, I tested LOA as well, and in the cluttered mind, my experience was like yours. The cluttered mind manifests a cluttered reality. In Awareness, the LOA just doesn’t arise.

      Thanks for visiting!


  2. positively present

    Excellent post on this subject! I love how you’ve taken a very popular topic and looked at it from a different perspective. I totally agree with what Lisis said in her comment. It seems like it works — but only after the fact.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Dani,

      Thanks, and thanks for sharing. Yes, there is truth to the LOA. But it isn’t what we believe it to be in the cluttered mind.

      Hope everything is really well!


  3. Papa J

    Yeah! I took a look and a 2nd look but could not find a common thread to be attracted to…. maybe I had the LOA in the past and decided it did not attract or I was not attracted to it? Just not for everyone but then maybe it is? I am sure there are billionaires wish they could trade places with me but I would not with them…… no need. I agree if you are aware LOA does not arise… Later, PJ

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hey Papa J,
      Namaste. “If you are aware LOA does not arise…”

      Exactly. Perfect. The awakened rarely talk about the LOA.


  4. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    I’m not sure I agree that the law of attraction doesn’t work, and that the 90/10 statistics you’ve presented could be cited as proof. It seems rather presumptuous to assume we know what thoughts are going through people’s minds who live in poverty or similarly challenging circumstances. Isn’t it our underlying beliefs about what’s possible or what we deserve that dictates what is or isn’t drawn into our lives, for the most part? Of course there’s also the theory of reincarnation, choosing life experiences ahead of time based on spiritual growth, etc. Many variables that should be taken into consideration before postulating that LOA is a viable tool or not.

    It has been my experience, however, as you pointed out, that the more spiritually awake I become, the less I want. That doesn’t mean from time to time that I won’t employ the law of attraction to work in my favor. I will and do, but I’m more content with life the deeper I go within myself.

    You’ve posed some thought provoking questions here. Thanks for doing so!
    .-= Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord´s last blog ..You Might Be An Empath If… =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Megan,

      Ultimately, any belief is limiting. Awakening is the letting go of all beliefs, so we are open to Truth. Intellectually we can argue the case anyway that we want to. If I want to believe in the LOA, I’ll come up with many viable reasons. If I don’t, I’ll come up with many viable reasons why it isn’t true.

      I’m not saying the LAO is wrong; in fact, the first sentence of the article is the LAO is not wrong. In my experience, the LOA didn’t work when the mind was cluttered. In clear Awareness, it doesn’t come up. Perhaps what is more important than the truth or falsity of the LOA is to look at our fervent desires, in awareness.

      Thanks for your balanced and valuable input!


  5. Srinivas Rao

    Very interesting post Kaushik. I definitely can see what you mean for the people who have circumstances far beyond easy to overcome the law of attraction might seem ridiculous. First of all, how in the hell can people who are starving, homeless, etc in third world countries even learn about the law of attraction. We are definitely in the disproportionate fortunate few that understand this. Wanting is pretty much equated to lack of having and keeps it all from working. I think there are instances where it has worked, and instances where it hasn’t in my life. That being said, I’m all for focusing on good in our lives.
    .-= Srinivas Rao´s last blog ..5 Travel Destinations that make life worth living =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Srinivas,

      Very well said.

      I think people read this article as a diatribe against the Law of Attraction. It isn’t. There is something to the Law of Attraction. It isn’t at all the way people believe it to be. With deepening awareness, I have experienced synchronous unfolding. There is not much interest in making life unfold in any particular way.

      The point of the article is that the LOA doesn’t work the way it is presented, and in the cluttered mind, it doesn’t work or it will work with unanticipated consequences. And because it energizes desires, it will also energize fears, and it is an obstacle to awakening. Put the horse before the cart: awaken first, and then the Truth is manifest.


  6. Papa J

    Quick ….. before I forget? LOA seems to be goal and material oriented…. nothing wrong with that but the mind then will reach the goal and then want another, then another and another…… wait….. that’s all. PJ

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Liara,

      I am missing something in your comment. Our internal environment influences the external world. Our perceptions of the world are shaped by our beliefs, and in turn our beliefs are shaped by perceptions. It’s a cycle that quickly detours from what is True. To see Truth, we have to experience without the burden of beliefs. Any belief–even belief in the LOA or religion or the idea of God (as opposed to the experience of God)–distorts Truth.

      Thanks for a very thought-provoking comment.


  7. Gina

    I love this concept being challenged and expanded upon.

    A few thoughts I have now about it:

    A certain well-known proponent of the LOA, while she talks a lot about manifesting desires, she also stresses that appreciation is the key, and contentment in the present moment is the appropriate starting place. This goes along with ACIM, The Presence Process, and whatever else, that teaches us not to try to change our external world but only our experience of it. That the world only has the meaning which we give it.

    Also reading a book from a more scientific perspective, about how we think, which kind of supports the above statement. About how our every experience, past, present and future, is colored by our beliefs, our expectations, our feelings and our stories.. and like Joygirl said, it really is presumptuous to assume what others are feeling, whether it’s the (obvious) unhappiness of people living in poverty, or fulfillment of those who are wealthy. There’s a lot more to that, but not for here.

    One last thing, about setting intentions.. which I believe activates our subconscious (and the reticular activating system) to bring to our conscious attention those things that are aligned with our goals. When we are open, and positive and intentional, we are more likely to notice all those little opportunities and paths.. which may have been there along, but now seem like ‘synchonicities’. ‘Aligning our vibration with our desires’ is about the mindset we have when acting on those opportunities, and all those miniscule decisions we make based on our stories about money, love, health, etc.

    As far as having desires at all… I think we are here to create. But how would I know. 🙂 That doesn’t mean that I’m comfortable with all the materialistic promises around the LOA. As far as Awareness of What is True… I’ll admit to being in a questioning place right now.. and skeptical that humans, or at least me, can really know what is true.

    Sorry this was so long.. I’m quite passionate about this subject.
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..The Heart of Summer =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Gina,

      Thanks for a very well-thought out comment.

      In my experience, there is something to the LOA, but it isn’t at all what the current spiritual wisdom and the The Secret tell us it is. The Truth around the LOA is not clear. We can see that LOA often leads to energizing the ego. The LOA, in the way it is conventionally presented, is very much about materialism, and me getting what I want. Some might say that’s rather egotistical and narcissistic. It is not at all presumptuous to assume what others are feeling. If the very-well-off desperately desire more money and the perfect partner and the lottery and a Ferrari, we can safely say that the starving think of food, and the tortured think of safety, and the truly desperate think of an easier life.

      The LOA also has absolutely nothing to do with awakening. When we are able to be present, and the noise of egoic desires and fears diminish, we can connect with true inspiration, and true inspiration does not need the LOA, or discipline or motivation. I also know with deepening awareness, there is very little interest in the LOA. This is probably why the awakened rarely talk about it.

      My suggestion to readers is, whether you want to believe in the LOA, or you don’t, witness the desperate wish we have to believe in something that will manifest our desires simply by thinking about them. Witness the movement of the ego to create beliefs which make the ego believe it is powerful, regardless of actuality.

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  9. jonathanfigaro

    The law of attraction just stems from the realization that ” We Become What We Think About” . every thought with in our conscious mind is affecting what happens in the future because all we have is right now.
    By keeping you mind focused on what you want to acquire and become…then you will become that by LAW!

    You gotta Love LIFE!!
    .-= jonathanfigaro´s last blog ..Power of Positive Thinking =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Jonathan,

      There is no question we become what we think. Thought is creative. The Law of Attraction works. The caution I am pointing out is that in the egoic mind, it is difficult to distinguish between egoic and conditioned desires and true inspiration. Egoic desires are frequently based on limiting and opposing beliefs. In pure awareness, true inspiration rises naturally.


  10. jonathanfigaro

    Hi Kaushik

    Thanks for the reply…

    I gto a question for you.

    Are you saying that positive thinkng is used to expand the ego, into limiting beliefs instead of being used for inspiration and broadening our horizons? If so can you give me an example?
    .-= jonathanfigaro´s last blog ..Power of Positive Thinking =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Jonathan,

      An example? An example is depression and anxiety. There may be a chemical or organic basis to depression/anxiety, but the psychological aspect is that these conditions are the result of repressed rage. I had two decades of depression and anxiety. When I learned how to release them, I saw that it was actually very easy. Face up to the denied emotions and patterns, acknowledge, accept, and let go.

      This is not a diatribe against the Law of Attraction or positive thinking. How can positivity possibly be bad? It isn’t. And there is something to the Law of attraction.

      I have included Gina Lake’s very eloquent treatment of positive thinking as an update to the this article. This is a difficult topic because we can get wrapped up in intellectual discussion. Gina first points out that positive is good, because it “is easier to live with, more functional, more close to the Truth, and much easier to detach from.” The last isn’t true, but this is an important sentence. Positive thinking is close to the Truth, but doesn’t quite make it. Our servitude to positive thinking is still servitude; it is not freedom. If we use positive thinking to cover up and deny true feelings, that’s no different from the emotional fear which keeps us from Awareness. And, “positive thinking is definitely ego-based.” How can it be otherwise? The ego is pretty good at negative thinking too, so the proponents are just telling us to prefer one type of thinking over another. Which might be wonderful if we could sustainably do that. But we can’t, because there is a lot of violence in this judgment. A suffering mind can only do positive thinking by brutish pretense.

      Why don’t people consistently succeed with positive thinking? It could be that the LOA and positive thinking are a bunch of crap. That’s a reasonable theory. It doesn’t go with my experience though. I experience it the same way as Gina Lake, “because there is something much bigger than your ego here.”

      “The kind of positive thoughts that are most helpful are those that reflect Essence’s viewpoint.” In pure awareness, without the noise of the ego, without the violence of judgment, true inspiration rises. When fear is released, there is only love. When we learn to trust intuition–not intellect–it is unfailing. What can be more positive than that?

      If positive thinking and the LOA brings you happiness, I won’t argue with that. If it doesn’t, consider resting in gentle, unoccupied, effortless Awareness.

      And so the closing is excellent: “Rest, allow, love, and be.”

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Jonathan,

      What a wonderful question! Where, indeed, is joy to be found?

      That, in fact, is why this site exists. Ramana Maharshi said: “You do not acquire happiness. Your nature is happiness. Bliss is not newly acquired. All that is done is to remove unhappiness.”

      Our true nature is joyful, compassionate and open. This is my experience, not other people’s words of beliefs. We are already joyful; what covers up natural joy and flow is our deep identification with the mind. When we begin to dis-identify with thought, the world begins to open up.

      While we are identified with the mind, it may be difficult to see that identification with the mind is the problem. But we can still see that releasing negativity can only be beneficial. In my experience, the way to release negativity is not to cover it up with positive thinking, but to face up to it, accept it, and acknowledge it, we can release it.

      In the article Flow in a few words, this is what I say about happiness:

      Where is happiness to be found?

      We look for joy outside, in power, relationships, accumulation and many other things that make up living, when joy is already shining inside us. Consciousness, uncluttered with mind-stuff, is an an unlimited source of joy and peace and flow. It is what makes life flow, without the friction of struggle.You already have direct experience with this. Whenever you have experienced joy or flow, it could only have come from inside. You may have thought it was related to an external event, it could only have been internal experience-an experience available to us at anytime.

      There is nothing wrong with Positive thinking or the LOA. Those strategies however are still looking for happiness in external events and acquisitions. Happiness is already in us.

      You’ve expanded this discussion very well, thanks!

  11. Albert | UrbanMonk.Net

    The entire post is brilliant. This is definitely one of the best posts I’ve read in a while. The problem, of course, is that most people would still prefer to have a billion dollars or lots of hot men/women. It is hard to tell them that it stems from an underlying want (that can probably never be fulfilled).
    The quotation from Gina Lake is also fantastic!
    .-= Albert | UrbanMonk.Net´s last blog ..The Judging Mind and Emotions – Attachments and Aversions =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Tremendous praise from a tremendous guy! I’m blushing. 🙂
      The ego is quite tricky. When I first read in Buddhist literature and A Course in Miracles, my in visceral reaction was without desires, what’s the point of living? But, if we can release the underlying wants, as you point out, we see that there is nothing wrong with a billion dollars, and certainly nothing wrong with lots of hot men/women, but those things does not bring us Truth or happiness.

      Great comment, thanks.

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  14. Priya Florence Shah

    The LOA according to “The Secret” is limiting. I prefer to go to the source and read the works of Abraham-Hicks. They teach you why you must align your emotions first. You can only manifest your desires from a place of pure positive emotion. Otherwise it’s like paddling upstream. See
    .-= Priya Florence Shah´s last blog ..PriyaFlorence: The controversial marketing strategy that eradicates competition =-.

  15. John Duffield

    Hello Gina. I would like to say something about the so-called “Law of Attraction”. In essence, it’s a case of mistaken identity. Here’s what I mean. Imagine two twins. One is a powerful, authentic person who brings Joy into the lives of everyone she meets. The other looks identical, but is a powerless, inauthentic individual that can’t be said to add value to anyone’s life. Alright, now imagine gurus telling us to invite the inauthentic twin into our lives to make us happy. It’s not going to work. But it doesn’t mean there isn’t a real twin out there that really can change our lives for the better. It’s just that the gurus have mistaken the “impotent twin” for the real thing. Same with the “Law of Attraction”. There really is an authentic way to “attract an abundance of everything your heart desires”. But to do that, you have to know what your heart really desires. Knowing what your heart wants is called “being yourself”. Learn how to be yourself and you will attract everything necessary to your authentic life to you like you really were a magnet. Every thing that grows the Way it was meant to grow does precisely that. Acorns growing into oaks attract an abunance of leaves, branches, birds, and small animals into their lives for instance…..because they grew the way they were meant to. This holds equally for people. But of course there’s a catch. Always is. You have to master the art of being yourself. You have to learn what’s stopping you from doing that. And so. Believe it or not, beneath all the hype and misrepresentation about “Laws of Attraction” there really is a profound Truth. The truth is, remove the fears of judgment holding you back and you will find true happy success being yourself. Bystanders will think you were a magnet. Ciao Gina. John Duffield
    .-= John Duffield´s last blog ..You Were Born Following Your Calling =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi John,

      Yes, absolutely, there is profound truth to the law of attraction. If we are serious about objectively testing out this truth, the mind must be clear. In the cluttered mind, we cannot honestly test out the Law of Attraction, or anything else. For example, let’s say we want the perfect partner in our lives. But how can we be sure this a true desire? Of course, we will think it true desire, but is that because it’s true or is it because we desperately want it to be true? In my experience, when we really want something or when we are afraid, we cannot be honest with ourselves. And, in my experience, desires come from their opposites. For example, the desire for the perfect partner may come from the opposing beliefs: “I am not lovable” or “I will never find that special person.” Also, in my experience, desires come from four basic desires: the wanting of approval, control, security or connectedness. When we can release these wants, the desires sometimes vanish. So they are not true desires.

      We can see how very limiting all of this is. It stems forced beliefs and opposing beliefs and confusion. If we really want to see if the law of attraction works, the first thing to do is abide in clear awareness. Be aware, and release the gunk, and then we can see whether the law of attraction works.

      But, I give you fair warning, that when awareness is clear, the law of attraction will not hold much interest for you. It would like a billionaire begging in the streets.


  16. Andrew

    Hi K,

    What I’ve taken from this discussion is that desires in and of themselves aren’t necessarily “bad”, but they cause us to suffer if they are based in the mind?

    If I want to enter into a relationship with someone because I sincerely enjoy the feelings of closeness, sharing, physicality etc…is that based in ego? Or is it only based in ego if the only reason I want the relationship is to fulfill my need to be secure and wanted?

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Andrew,

      Again, you’ve brought up some excellent points, going right to the heart of the matter.

      Desires aren’t bad. Desires drive life. But the emotions around desires, as you know carry quite a wallop. They can get strong and desperate. Fear often comes from desires.

      Does a particular desire come from stuck patterns or does it come from Self? It’s difficult to know. You think getting something you want will make you happy, but it’s really hard to say whether that’s a temporary egoic thing or not.

      It’s hard to see the truth about desires, or the law of attraction or God or existence or happiness. When we are identified with thought, it is difficult for us see beyond thoughts and beliefs and stuck patterns, and this fear and separation So it makes sense to clear the mind first. Clear the attachment to thought, and clear stuck patterns, and then we can see clearly.

      Often, when we hear this, or after reading spiritual literature, people will rationalize or suppress desires and of course that doesn’t work. Simply accept the desires. Make a list. For each desire, ask yourself if that desire comes from wanting control, wanting approval, wanting security, or wanting completeness, or if it comes from running away from fear. Usually there is more than one motivator. Use the release technique to go of the wants and the fear. This clears the emotions around desire and opens up intuition.

      For your specific question about entering into a relationship, go with your intuition.


  17. Amy

    I think that regardless of what we believe others telling us and what desires we have everything ulitimately brings us to our destination. in other words plants grow side by side, and may be effected by each other. The end result is that they will eventually grow to what they are meant to be ultimately.

  18. Tony C. Saladino

    I had to wrestle with the fact that my ego wanted to plant trees to fight deforestation. The duality of planting trees to fight the loss of trees was only a mask for inner turmoil. Now that I realize than no matter what I do, I will not be able to significantly impact global deforestation, no matter how many trees I plant, I undertake it from a more universal perspective. I do it only because it brings my soul joy.
    Namaste’, May You Achieve Soul Joy Too! Tony C. Saladino

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Tony,

      It brings your soul joy, and that is a big reason. Thanks for visiting and sharing. I hope to hear from you again.

      love and peace,

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  20. Neerav

    From a purely spiritual perspective, Awareness (i.e. Consciousness, Self and God/Divinity) is present everywhere and in everything and simultaneously “is” everything. If you abide in Awareness (i.e. the Self), which is everything and simultaneously both the Source and Essence of everything, then why would you need LoA. You “are” everything and everything “is” you!!! How can you have any lack and thereby any needs at that point? That is my only objection to the Law of Attraction.

    – Neerav

  21. Kim-André

    Hi fellow Selflings

    After contemplating on the eternity of our Soul, I started suffering from anxiety because I fear war, violence, brutality, torture, disease and pain is inevitable. I asked myself the question, if someone else is being tortured right now, what makes me special? Why should I not also have to experience it at some point in my infinite future?.. It got so bad that I couldn’t appreciate goodness because I feared I’d have to pay for it by experiencing evil. Likewise I felt I had to pay for pleasure with pain, comfort with uncomfort, ease with disease, peace with war, calmness with rage, love with hate and so on. It feels like unbearable despair and emptiness. Furthermore, all this beautiful but confusing and frustrating flux of contrast that we call life, or existence in process, might have to be paid for/is payment for the complete void of oneness that we call death – something which tends to make me feel like a powerless victim of life, like I can’t “win”, like I’m peripheral, and that being calm is fooling myself because soon hell is due. Before contemplating all of this, I had heard about the LOA and especially like the way Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) explains reality – it makes me feel like I’m loved, empowered, worthy, safe and life feels perfect. But in contemplating whether or not the LOA is true, because it is an intellectual ego/mind process, I cannot be sure if it feels true or if I just desperately want it to be true and fear that it’s not – I guess I’m always biased when I can refer to myself as me and be aware of “my” thoughts. But I do desperately want it to be true and master it in a healthy and balanced way… – why? To relax, be happy, enjoy life, follow my excitement, create, love, stop worrying – because I’ll be sure that as long as I am not anxious, fearing or looking at life/the future in a “negative” way it will be good. Like torture, war, pain, evil and the like are only alarming lessons teaching us to be in the now, relax, be happy, enjoy life and basically do whatever we would if the LOA was actually true and life was perfect. And once we’ve learnt our lessons our teachers won’t be needed anymore Perhaps this is it…! I love writing down my thoughts and feelings! 😀 Thank you Lovelings so much for inspiring me to think about all of this in a new way, writing it down and feeling like I’ve had an epiphany! Reminds me of the AUM becoming D’uh-aum while “tripping” on DMT – truth is usually obvious but the mind is a maze that seeks complexity and challenges (“problems”) to solve.


    1. Kaushik Post author

      Thank you for your insightful thoughts, Kim!

      Have you read or listened to the Conversations of God? I’ve found much clarity about a number of aspects of my life from that work.

      In listening to the CWG, I decided to give the idea that “thought is creative” an honest try. To objectively see if it works, I knew I had to believe that thought is creative or at least suspend the belief that it is not, for if the idea is true, and I believe that thought is not creative, that is the reality I will experience. I also wanted to try this with an authentic choosing, therefore something internal, not external. And so I hold the thought that the process which I go through (awakening, letting go of and recovery from fear, naturalness) is a very creative and enjoyable process.

      And it’s true, it works.

      But it’s irrelevant.

      If the objective is to be who you already are, a natural human being in your natural state, the fundamental thing to look at is fear.

      Thanks, Kim!

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