Awaken Already!

This site encourages people to awaken. Why? Because Awakening is natural being, and awakening is far simpler than you might think. This site is about Simplicity, Truth and optimal reader experience.

Awakening is very important and I want encourage as many to awaken as I can. I go for Truth, Simplicity, and optimal reader experience. I present very simple techniques that are easy to learn and easy to incorporate into daily living, and I keep the fluff and mumbo-jumbo out of it. By Truth, I mean that I write from direct experience, not from theories or hypothetical beliefs.

Most of what I write about is the simplicity of awakening out of the world of fear and sadness. I had depression and anxiety for decades, and these simple release and awareness techniques helps with not only awakening, but getting past depression and anxiety, so I write about that as well.

I offer a number of ebooks and again, I go for Truth, Simplicity and optimal reader experience. Think of the ebooks are  portable websites; they are easy to navigate and read.

I ask for donations for the ebooks. I do need to make a living. However, you will also notice that we are on the honor system here, and you can donate what you can afford. If you want the ebooks and cannot donate at this time, please contact me. I don’t want money to be in the way of getting awakening materials in your hands.

I encourage people to start awakening because there is a tidal wave of awakening around the globe. This is the age of consciousness. Change has already started. Awaken already because it is just the beginning! I can’t think of a single reason why you should continue to live in the world of fear and sadness.

This site continues to evolve, thanks to your feedback. You may have noticed recent changes in user interface. The header is clean, the horizontal drop-down menus are designed so you can find what you’re looking for quickly, from everywhere on the site. The home page comes up with excerpts of recent posts, so you can find content quickly. The side bar has a welcome message, and ways to connect (subscribe, twitter, stumbleupon, search), the ebooks and sponsor messages. You, the reader, can pick the color theme (earth, ocean or night) you want to see!

In the near future, I plan to:

  • Keep to the message: Awakening is Simple!
  • Keep to Truth, Simplicity and optimal reader experience.
  • Write more books
  • Write about Essential Yoga, Better Writing (writing, web site design), and Better Living (Nutrition, recipes, and more)
  • Write book and product reviews
  • Offer more free or inexpensive products and services through affiliates
  • Continue to develop website for optimal reader experience
  • Promote the site and books

How you can help

I welcome any suggestions or feedback you have about the site, books, or anything else, or if you just want to say hi!

I welcome comments. It’s a great way to clarify the post, get various viewpoints, and the feedback helps me with future writing.

I don’t know much about how to promote this site and books to the right audience. Do you have any suggestions along those lines?

I am hoping that I can write full time. In the meantime, I do need a job. I am looking for Director or Manager of Software development, or something similar. If you have any leads along those lines, please let me know!

Awaken Already! It’s simple.


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