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Donald Trump – the Rise of Authority

I thought the dangers of Trump were painfully obvious--but likely that's how everyone feels about their own views, that they are obviously true. Support for Trump is a significant minority, disdain for him is much higher, but the surprising thing is that support is not from just poor angry under-informed white men, as many think. It's pervasive. Many don't seem to see or don't care about his attacks people of various ilk, his narcissism, or his lack of sensibility for human advancement. I Read more [...]

Hello 2016; good-bye 2015

What a year, right? Good things and bad things… Let's honor Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar for sustaining a long and peaceful struggle for freedom; and the Tunisian National Dialog Quartet for garnering the Nobel Peace prize. Let's also honor the death and suffering: the Hajj pilgrims, the Nepalese children buried under Mount Everest's anger, storm victims, the heat wave in Pakistan, the Chennai flood victims, and the fallen from Hurricane Patricia, the most powerful ever recorded, and more. Read more [...]

Fare well my father

A tribute to Das Chokshi (October, 1929 - June, 2015) My father had a good and honorable life. If you knew my father you already know he and my mother to be very compassionate and capable. You probably know that he took on great responsibilities and handled the challenges of life with dexterity. He was a gifted student when young but he fell ill and was ill for many years and could not complete his education. But, through hard work, he was nevertheless successful; actually twice in their lives Read more [...]

Deliberate Creation: choose the best-feeling thought

My journey of spiritual awakening of ten years has gone something like this: After a reading of Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now, I was compelled to find truth. I started by looking into thought, emotion, consciousness, awareness, attention, intention, experience, acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, surrender--all the drama characters of the mind; and then recognized fear as the central culprit; and looked into the self-inquiry "who am I"; and am now exploring the nature of reality. My most Read more [...]

Sam Harris – An atheist finds spirituality

Sam Harris is one of the icons of the atheist trend. I haven't read any of his books, but I generally favor rationality over blind faith. That part is good; but it has also seemed to me that the atheist trend, from what I know about it, seems like a religion in itself. It is a belief against something. In any case, I was surprised to find out that Sam Harris is into and has been for into traditional spirituality for many years. "Given this change in my perception of the world, I understand Read more [...]


A few days ago a reader alerted me that something was wrong with this site. It was behaving erratically. After fooling with it a bit, I decided it was time for a change anyway. I've been writing here for about four years now. Recently much has changed. I feel settled, easy. I believe there is really only one problem--and that is the delusion of fear. That recognition feels very big to me--with it, all the frantic energy of the last six or seven years that I spent in seeking an answer left me Read more [...]

Losing weight the natural way

I'm losing 10 to 15 lbs a month since May, without effort or dieting. You might wonder why I'm writing about healthy weight management on a website which is about being a natural, free, human being. Well, there are a number of relevant lessons in this. A few years ago I got tired of dieting. I realized that all diets work in the same way. First, they work. I lose weight. Then, they don't work. And I gain back weight with a vengeance, generally gaining back even more than I had lost. I went Read more [...]

Re: Awakening

(edited) Dear -, Awakening is awakening in the dream and awakening out of the dream. I am at the first. What does it feel like? Well, I had anxiety and depression for twenty years. Anxiety is gone. The psychological unhappiness of depression is gone. I can operate in the world from a place of calm and peace. There is very little fear (although there is a little) and I am not attached to the outcome of desires, seeing desires as fear turned outward. It's nice. However, this is not full Read more [...]

An email exchange

(Edited) I did the same--I wrote for myself for a long time before I started the blog. Writing gives us another mechanism to grow. The human mind is not always the best place to look from. Writing gives us the ability to look at arm's length, which can sometimes be valuable. Atheism is interesting. It's a trend now--many younger people resonate with it, which is not a bad thing, and it may actually balance some of the craziness of religious beliefs. But atheism is the polar opposite of Read more [...]