Ripening – Are you ready to awaken? – 2nd ebook excerpt Awakening is Simple –

Ripening – Are you ready to awaken? – 2nd ebook excerpt from Awakening is Simple

The greatest delusion is that you identify with the voice of thought in your head. You are not Mind. Suffering is created by thought and can only be experienced in thought.

Most of us are at unease. We experience this as suffering, depression, anxiety, worry, doubt, futility, woe is me, what is life about, what is my purpose, why can’t I be happy, why am I not successful, why don’t things ever work out for me, when will the world really appreciate me, when will I have money, when will I have the perfect partner, and so on.

When we’ve had enough of this, we may have insight that there is nothing external that will make us happy or unhappy. We realize the problem is the deep identification with thought. We may come at this insight from suffering, or meditation, or someone like Krishnamurti, Tolle or Maharshi points it out when we are ready to listen. The ego relaxes just a little. We stop wagging our finger at the world, and curl it towards the self.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become. -Buddha

The trick now is to simply let go of all mind-stuff. It’s the easiest trick in the world. The obstacle comes in trying to let go. Be aware, be present, fully experience the Now—this is so very simple and ordinary. It is just the natural ease of being. But the mind screams: It cannot possibly be this simple, there can be nothing worthwhile in this simple, ordinary presence.

“When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.” -Mark Twain

And so we start the chase. We need to understand, to know more, to figure it out, to explain, to learn various types of meditation, to ‘mastermind’; we chase spirituality; we revel in the identity of someone who is figuring it out, we revel in faith and devotion, we celebrate the nobility and sensitivity and grandness of our goal, we subscribe to complicated theories of existence, we internalize ‘beautiful’ concepts like Oneness and ascension and chakras, the law of attraction, and the next new-age fad.

We read and accumulate and go seminars; we have a new shattering revelation every month; we deconstruct the ego; we learn psychology; we regurgitate all sorts of new words.

This is the biggest obstacle. This is resistance.

And in this journey there are swings of high energy and low energy, engagement and apathy, involvement and detachment, a sense of purpose and a sense of futility, exuberance and frustration, clumsiness and competency, doubt and trust, feelings of self-indulgence and feelings of rightness, peace and anxiety, and joy and sadness.

And then there is exhaustion, and the insight that all this stuff, is just more stuff. More madness. Ah, what a relief! With glorious relief, our love affair with accumulation ends, and we realize all we need, all we ever needed, was simply to be here and now, in this utterly ordinary and simple space.

It’s just here and now. There is awareness and all experience is in the now. We already know this. If we simply stop ignoring the present, the world opens up. Be aware. Be present.

And as you become more and more aware, and less and less caught up in mental concepts, old stuff will come up. The past, conditioning, old hurts, fear, anxiety–for this find a release method that resonates with you. The release methods I’ve described in here, or the Sedona method, or EFT, or metta meditation, gratitude, volunteer, community…any one of these which resonates will do.

And that’s it. You will discover everything else on your own. There is absolutely no need for the complicated movements of self-improvement, spirituality, religion, or the latest new-age fad. There is no need to understand or know more.

And in this place of release, we are ripe.

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