You know the story of the boy who cried wolf—this kid is watching over the village sheep and he’s bored and does what I would have done as a boy, let’s just see what happens if I cry wolf, and the villagers come running out, once, twice, and the third time they don’t come and of course there’s actually a wolf munching up the sheep, and we’re supposed to learn something from this, I don’t know, something like we shouldn’t lie, certainly not three times, but the thought that springs up is what kind of dumb-ass villagers would leave a silly boy in charge of their livestock?

The point is—well, I’m not sure what the point is, except it seemed like a funny thing to say, and I’m in a funny mood, but there is the point that there are many ways to see the same thing. And this is what happens with the simplicity of the joy of being, which is a simple thing, it’s just floating, rather than being stuck in mud, but the mind makes all sorts of things out of it, and that’s why we have religions, and all flavors of spirituality, and the new age stuff and philosophy and self-help and the rest, with so many versions of truth.

The thinking mind has even taken what the Buddha said, which was be aware over the thinking mind and let go of fear, and look at what we have today, not awareness, but so many different versions of Buddhisms and monks and percepts and all that exhausting doing.

To float, we lighten the load. We develop Awareness, so thoughts get lighter. All those heavy thoughts, clunking around in the skull, making think-think-think noise—well, they get lighter and quieter. Doesn’t that sound good?

And we release—soon we can release emotions whenever we want to. Emotions rise mostly from stored reactions in past and yet it’s hard for us to decide to let go of emotions because we think emotions define us, we write poems about emotions, we’re proud of being emotional, we think my emotions is what makes me me, and yes indeed the wonderful emotions are wonderful, and the not-so-wonderful emotions suck, and releasing is more wonderful still. Don’t worry you won’t turn into Spock. When we learn that that letting go is so very natural and easy, it’s a liberating experience, and we find, with some surprise, that feelings become much more authentic, and intense, and real, and they cover a wider range, because we are no longer afraid of any feeling.

As we lighten up and float, some amazing experiences unfold.

Genuine revelation comes not from thought or emotion or stale conditioning, but from this other place, from the quiet unknown. We begin to release struggle and effort, and we stop looking for completion in desires and aversions, and we accept, forgive, release, and detach from the ego’s drama, because these are no longer ideas, but actual easy experience, and and then difficulty is seen as just another opportunity to be aware and to release. When something is challenging we don’t resist, we see that the very fact that it is happening is an invitation to learn how to handle it.

What is your difficulty? If you’re reading this, it isn’t food or water or shelter or safety. Is it money, job, career? Is it loneliness or an imperfect relationship? You’re struggling to find your purpose? Addictions, depression, anxiety? Uncertainty, fear of the future? Is it unrequited love, because that’s really the best opportunity to release!

As we release, we become aware of the ego’s movements, not intellectually, because that is just the ego discovering itself, but in awareness, and we see that much of what we do and say and feel comes from conditioning. We begin to see, that which Eckhart Tolle calls the pain-body, is the painful past of samskara, the stuff of conditioning, and seeing it is vaporizing it. We may smile, amused that we gave power to something as unreal as the ego.

We begin to get comfortable with not knowing. What do we really know? We don’t even know where we are. We’re on this spaceship earth hurtling at some 65000 miles an hour around a less than average star, which is zooming around in this spiraly galaxy at an even more ridiculous speed, and the galaxy is dancing with billions of other galaxies, in a universe which is…doing what? We have no idea. We don’t even know where we are.

We don’t know ultimately about God or what life is about or death or consciousness. Sure, we can and do come up with complicated theories—this is religion and science and philosophy and spirituality. All these complicated theories of being and consciousness and oneness and bliss and God and heaven and hell, and all these power-theories like the Law of Attraction which mesmerize us–all of these are interesting to the mind but where is their place in living right here, right now? It’s just more clinging to concepts.

It’s like watching a movie and identifying too closely with a character in the movie, telling her don’t pick up that bloodied knife and get your fingerprints all over it, don’t you watch CSI, and then someone in back nudges us, and says, man it’s only a movie, and we say yeah it is, how is it that I didn’t see that before, and the chase begins to understand it all, with spirituality and self-help and rest, or chasing some power thing, and then we have the humbling shocking realization that sitting there in the movie theatre realizing the delusion and spouting theories about it was itself a delusion, the whole thing is a marvelous movie!

But no metaphor is adequate. See for yourself.

Be aware, and release fear, and see for yourself. When we are able to observe thought rather than be immersed in thought, and when we are able to release fear, it’s gloriously freeing, and what does it feel like, this freedom?

It feels like floating.

Observe thoughts. Observe, without judgement or analysis, and awareness will expand. Awareness is the gap between thoughts, and with observing, the gaps expand and abide. Yes, it may feel like it is effort in the beginning, but soon the effort goes away, and then it expands on its own.

And, release. Release fear.

And, maybe, you can decide right here and right now, to drop beliefs. Don’t deny, and be completely open, and if you accept something, accept it for the checking. “Cease to cherish opinion.”

I am the student. I am learning, with stillness, and with releasing fear. When I feel difficulty it is because I am not aware enough or I have not released enough. This is not a judgment of myself—that would be the ego discovering itself. This is what it is and where I am. I am blind somewhere and I am willing to see.

Difficulty is only difficult until the lesson of letting go of fear is learned. Then it is just floating.

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  1. Brenda

    Whoo hoo! Kaushik, this is so different for you. Where did you get those long, wonderful sentences? Very compelling. I shall float through my day now. Thanks, teach!
    .-= Brenda´s last blog ..On Security =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Brenda,

      It’s funny, I posted this this morning, and then took a long walk and amongst these beautiful autumnal trees here in Connecticut, it occurred to me: I think Brenda will like this article.

      I went through a long period of isolation, and now energy is building up, and spilling over into this floaty style of writing.

      I hope you are really well, my friend!


  2. Nadia - Happy Lotus

    Hi Kaushik,

    The beauty about life is that everything is simple and beautiful. Unfortunately, human beings get all freaked out if something is simple because humans for some strange reason think life has to be tough.

    I think people have difficulty letting go because they think if they let go, they will lose control. Fear is such a powerful emotion, it prevents people from trusting in the flow of life. No one is out to get another person. There is no bogey man lingering in the dark with the sole intention of making your life miserable.

    People need to learn to trust more not only in themselves but in life too. Letting go of the fear ,which is the language of the ego, makes that possible.

    And I totally agree about observing thoughts and not taking part in them. It is kind of funny in a way. You realize how insane the mind can be.
    .-= Nadia – Happy Lotus´s last blog ..A Monk, Bowing and Palms Coming Together =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Nadia,

      A long time ago someone told me that we swing between desire and fear, and at that time I just nodded at yet another meaningless aphorism, but as experience deepens, the utter simplicity of it boggles the mind.

      You’re so right, we are afraid of losing control. We mistrust life, in fact, mistrust our own nature, and it even shows up in our language, with the connotations of “base nature.” The whole of culture and technology is the drive to control our inner and outer environments.

      We can observe the mind, and release fear. And that is only the beginning of this beautiful, uncontainable mystery.

      Thanks for your wisdom. I hope you’re doing well!


    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Dani,

      Thanks. Yes, releasing does wonders, helps us be present, and helps us let go of fear, and then the simplicity of it all hits. Thanks for visiting! I hope you’re doing very well,

  3. Jodi at Joy Discovered

    Hi Kaushik,
    Great post. Funny that you bring up why the villagers have a boy watching over their prized sheep!! As for your subject matter–I’m really glad I stopped by here today because I have a post in mind about our opinions–and How in the world did we come to think they are so important? and your post topic falls right into that. We are constantly filtering each situation and each personal encounter through what we “thought” about it, or what we “felt” about it. You are so right that we need to step back and be the observer “without judgement or analysis.” In this way we can truly experience life. We can soak it in and squeeze it out, just simply “being” and “living” through the process. What we think or feel about a situation really, truly does not matter. Struggle and strife, drama, labels, the pain-body..are all human manifestations that get in the way!
    .-= Jodi at Joy Discovered´s last blog ..My Happy Place, Your Happy Place =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Jodi,

      It’s funny that many of us write about similar things at the same time–it happens more often than coincidence can account for.

      A favorite quotation from a Seng-ts’an poem: “Do not seek the truth; only cease to cherish opinions,” which of course goes against what most of us believe. We think we’ll get Truth by seeking it, or happiness or God or desires, but it’s like the dog chasing its tail, we’re after what we already have, and we can see this, if the mind only stops the opinions and beliefs and ruminations.

      Thanks for visiting; I look forward to your post .


  4. Dan

    Hi Kaushik! Wonderful stuff! Everything you’ve posted and especially this latest has spoken to me. If this is a path that I’m on, it seems to be the right one. It led me here.

  5. Liara Covert

    Floating in nothingness is like going back to the womb and back even further to soulful origins of energy. This post is very meaningful. It reminds one everything is perfect just as it is. Every human being is experiencing the expansion as part of a process of remembering.
    .-= Liara Covert´s last blog ..The world is your genie =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Liara, yes, everything is perfect as is, it mutually rises with us, and awareness and release have helped me come to that realization. Thanks for you insight!

  6. Wilma Ham

    Giving up our manifactured identities, giving up problems so the mind has nothing to do but doing what it is supposed to do and be practical in the daily course of living.
    Could it be so simple?
    Simple? Is simple not blah blah blah and away we go again.

    I observe and take on board what is useful and do what is in front of me with whom is front of me.
    That simple and take that . . . mind.
    Let’s float and enjoy what there is to enjoy with my senses right now.
    Have a great weekend, I will.
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last blog ..Accessing the wealth that has me BE a wealthy base camp. =-.

  7. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    I absolutely love what you said here, and laughed RIGHT OUT LOUD in the first paragraph (“…what kind of dumb ass villagers would leave a silly kid in charge of their livestock?”).

    I love the idea of just floating, and the click-clack of my thoughts dissipating. A quiet release… into something eternally blissful. Even if for a moment. Freedom is freedom, regardless of how long it lasts. And I know I choose to stay imprisoned, and like you wrote here “This is what it is and where I am. I am blind somewhere and I am willing to see.” What a fantastic line. I loved reading this, and really connected with the space you were coming from. Thanks, Kaushik, for helping all of us open our eyes a bit wider to the freedom of awakening.
    .-= Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord´s last blog ..The Unique Gift Awakening Brings =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi JoyGirl,

      Thanks for your kind words and adding your abundant joyful energy here. I’m reading Adyashanti’s “End of your world”–I think you wrote you were listening to the CD. Adyashanti’s words are gentle and direct, fluff-less, and that’s what I try to do here. Awakening is continuum, without start or end, and not a one-time big-bang event as many traditions seem to imply. For most of us, the journey starts with expectations–perhaps we want out of misery, or we’re reaching for power or bliss. When expectations are dropped, the journey smoothens out, and effort also goes away.

      Thanks for your insight!


  8. Chris Edgar

    Hi Kaushik — what occurred to me, as I was reading what you said about not knowing what the universe is about, was how much easier life has become in those moments where I’ve let go of the sense that I have some sort of epic destiny and accepted that I’m an ordinary person. Letting myself be ordinary or average tends to be a challenge for me, even though that seems like a simple thing to do. 🙂

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Chris,
      You make a great point, and and you aptly describe the angst many of us feel, which is what is my special purpose. It’s some version of “is this all there is?”

      In my experience, when there was a small opening, a small clarity that the deep identification with thought and the concept of “I” is delusional, my inner purpose was conspicuously clear. The inner purpose was to be more conscious. As awareness deepened and healing happened, the inner purpose solidified even more.

      When inner purpose is clear, the outer passions and purposes and goals come and go, and we no longer look for completion in these. Outer purposes are indeed wonderful and energizing, but there is no investment of self in them, and so we don’t chase them. They come to us. For example, I am energized now about writing a book on weight loss with awakening techniques. But the inner purpose is constant.

      Thanks for expanding the discussion.


    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hey Paul,
      I’m not familiar with “free floating anxiety” but floating certainly is the opposite of anxiety!

      Thanks for visiting and I hope you’re doing well!


  9. Lisa

    I got stuck a bit on that term myself – seemed a bit of an oxymoron at first read. But I see it refers to anxiety in general; the angst type I suppose.

    After having thought about Paul’s comment, I too decided that this truly was the exact opposite of ‘floating’, and probably one of the biggest reasons to begin the journey within and to come to terms with yourself, life and the universe.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..At the Window =-.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Lisa,

      The labels are not important. This is just another pointer. To say it more directly:
      -it is just innocent, gentle, unoccupied awareness that can bring Truth. One way to develop this to observe thought, without analysis or judgment, and the gaps in between will expand.
      -Releasing can smooth out this journey
      -Not holding on to any fixed points of view or beliefs can also smooth out the journey.

      As you point out it begins with coming “terms with yourself” and that can start simply with being present and aware. And then every journey is unique.

      Thanks for the great insight!


  10. Lisa

    Your line ‘observe thought without analysis or judgment’ is a very powerful line. I feel that here lies the key to true peacefulness within oneself.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..At the Window =-.

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  12. Chris

    Floating makes sense as we become lighter than our worries and cares. There really is no reason to postpone our connection to Source, and it is always available to us in every moment if we lighten and open to it. Thanks for this post. Enjoy this amazing day! CHRIS

  13. Carol

    Hi Kaushik,

    I love your article. Just reading the first couple sentences made me feel lighter.

    Thanks for the reminder about letting go and floating.


  14. Andy

    What a beautiful thing it was to “accidentally” happen upon this page. The entire page appears to be floating and there is such love here that I thank you all for lifting me. Know that your love has been mutiplied and returned to the world.

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