Exit the world of fear and sadness – 3rd ebook excerpt Awakening is Simple

Exit the World of Fear and Sadness

I have now reigned about 50 years in victory or peace, beloved by my subjects, dreaded by my enemies, and respected by my allies. Riches and honors, power and pleasure, have waited on my call, nor does any earthly blessing appear to have been wanting to my felicity. In this situation, I have diligently numbered the days of pure and genuine happiness which have fallen to my lot. They amount to fourteen.
……Abd Er-Rahman III of Spain

Is your world full of fear and sadness? Think back over your life. How many joyful days have you had? Truly, honestly—nobody else has to know, just be radically honest with yourself, and ask how many joyful days you’ve had?

Are you on a ‘spiritual’ path? Ask yourself if your spirituality or religion has made you really feel more joyful, lighter and easier? Has it opened up the vastness of compassion, and the joy of being?

Or are you on the self-improvement windmill?

In our honest moments we are able to admit that life hasn’t been a charm, and most of us conclude that this is just the way it is.

There is another possibility, and it’s utterly simple. Living is quite simple when you get down to it. Living is right here, right now, in awareness, without thinking. Living is being present. When we are actually living, Life takes on a new color. Stuff happens in life; good stuff and bad stuff– when we are living at ease, we naturally attract more good stuff. The world opens up. The world is no longer full of fear and sadness.

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation …” -Henry David Thoreau

When we live in the thinking mind, we live in the world of fear and sadness. We are in the memory of the past or the imagination of the future—the world of concepts, ideas, opinions, beliefs, desires and fears. We are not directly experiencing Truth. We are experiencing truth through the filters of the thinking mind.

The past—in a very real sense—is coloring our present, so the future can only be a variation of the past.

To awaken means simply to step out of the thinking mind into only world we can actually experience—the world of Now.

As we awaken, our lives change dramatically. Fear and anxiety are released. Patterns are released. Limiting beliefs are seen through. Depression/anxiety and the feeling of worthlessness are released. What is left is love and the joy of being. The world of time and thought does not vanish, but it is seen through. The story of ‘me’ then is just that—a story. Presence is the foundation, and from this place of ease, living transforms naturally and effortlessly.

The essential step is to experience Presence—not through ideas and concepts, but by actually being present.

Releasing helps with the transition, and it helps to flush away the grime of past hurts and fears.

“You never exist quite so much as when you are not thinking.”–Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900, German philosopher

You begin to know the true journey of life. Every “problem” is seen as just another opportunity to awaken more deeply into the Now.  Integrity, honesty, compassion—all that we consider good—don’t have to be learned. You simply become that.

Most of us are addicted to thought. We do not realize we have a choice. We do not realize that we actively choose, moment-to-moment, to experience the pain of the past, and anxiety of the future, and limitations of time. Most of us do not realize how much effort we put into holding up our delusions, moment to moment.

As we bring ourselves fully present, and deepen the experience of Now, we begin to experience a very deep silence and stillness. The mind quiets, and an inner gate opens.

Here’s what Eckhart Tolle says about this:

Stay fully present in the now—your whole life unfolds here. In the now there is joy of Being and deep peace.
Be present as the watcher of the mind.
Just observe and feel—do not judge anything.
Do not wish the present moment to be different from what it is.
Make it a habit to feel your body from inside as often as possible. The body is always in the present.
Don’t believe this, try it!

And here’s what Leonard Jacobson says:

First deepen into Presence by choosing to be present. It requires a gentle remembering. Just bring yourself present with that which is present.
Secondly, learn to own and accept all those aspects of yourself which previously you have been denying, repressing or judging. This too is a gentle process, which becomes possible only after you have begun to experience the present moment at a deeper level.

Here’s what works for me:

Awareness Now

This is all you need, and your best guide will be you.

I do talk about  releasing the clinging to concepts, Acceptance, Metta, Release Meditation because they can be helpful, but all you need is simple two-step dance of awareness and release.

It is so very simple.

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What do you think? Some people are angered when they hear me say “Awakening is Simple.” What do you think? How do you feel?

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