Conversations with God

Hi folks!

Sorry about the long quiet period.

I think in early February, Julia recommneded to me on email that I take a look at Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch.

I am not sure why I actually did take a look, because this is not the kind of thing that would usually appeal to me. I would have dismissed it, from my own prejudices about the word God in the title.

But for some reason I did actually take a look and I’m very glad that I did.

I prefer to listen to the audio version rather than read the text. I was able to get audio and a book which contained the entire trilogy from my library. The audio version is on youtube (search for it) and it looks like there are plenty of used books available from Amazon, etc.

Right now I find the first book most resonant; however, the other two are also good and I feel they will probably resonate just as well when I have absorbed the first.

I’ve been wanting to write about it–but every time I listen to it, I find something new. And so I want continue to absorb before I say much about it.

I started this spiritual exploration about seven years ago now, after reading Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now, and exhausted from emotional distress. My approach has been to try to see the various spiritual ideas in my own experience, and this has served me well. But for quite some time, my exploration felt as if it was compelled and urgent and taumatic and confusing.

And now it is highly enjoyable and creative.

I think the turning ponit was the seeing two years ago that the basic problem is the problem of fear. The looking as suggested by John Sherman helped. And the Conversations with God wrapped it up nicely for me, confirming and enhancing my world view in a very practical way.

I doubt that I am done, and I am no longer trying to be. I am just very happy with who I am. The spiritual exploration now is joyous and creative!

There is a lot of material in Converstations with God, and I don’t think I can summarize it very well in a few sentences. Some of things I have really clicked with:

Trust your feelings. Your feelings are the language of the soul. Learn to discern feelings from emotion, which often thoughts. Follow your highest feeling.

Thought is productive and creative. Fear is a very attractive energy. Love is all there is.

That thought is productive and creative can easily be confirmed in actual experience. I don’t have the skills to use thought to create external experience. But I can use it to create my internal reality. Thought influences the context of mind and vice versa. One way to confirm this yourself is set up the parameters to see that your spiritual exploration is actually highly enjoyable and creative.

The CWG probably has the best discourse on relationships that I have seen. In thinking about relationships, we of course think about the very personal type of relationships, but everything is the relative world is a relationship. One thing only exists in relation to another.

The purpose of a relationship is the opportunity it provides to be who you are in relationship to the other person. It is not about our romantic ideas of sacrificing for, completing, loving, caring for, worrying about the other person (though all this may happen). It is about loving the opportunity to manifest yourself as the grandest version of you.

One common area of confusion is how to reconcile our esoteric spiritual exploration with the practical aspects of life. This is an area I have had trouble with, and my reaction to this generally had been to isolate myself in last few years. I have radically simplified life so that I had the mental space and the time to explore. The CWG has been very helpful to me in clearing this up.

The CWG confirms my view for me that the basic problem is fear. The reason we generally seem to be confused about how to live the extraordinary gift of life is that fear confuses us.

The common ideas about God–that God is to be feared, God judges, the ideas of eternal heaven and condmenation of hell and karma, that God punishes, that there is such thing as right or wrong–all come from fear.

Our confusion about existence comes from allowing ourselves to become what we are because of the experiences and words and beliefs of others.

Life is a constant, ever-expanding process of creation.

Enlightenment is understanding that there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nobody you have to beexcept exactly who you are being right now.”

There is lot more and I do want to explore these ideas here. I will do so soon–when I think I have absorbed and had some experience with them.

For now I wanted to report that I am happy that this exploration for me is joyous and creative!


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  1. Kate

    I kept hearing about the books, from different sources, and so I’m reading them too. I have found very little that I disagree with. A lot of spiritual ideas make sense for the first time.

  2. Yvonne

    I read one or maybe 2 of the Conversations with God series years ago and do remember that I found them helpful at the time. I also had prejudices about the title, but the books were in my local library so I figured I’d give them a try. Now, reading this I wonder if it might be fun to reread them and see what I “get” now that I didn’t 8 years or so ago.

    Good to see you posting again Kaushik!

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Yvonee,

      Good to hear from you!

      It’s funny, several people have said to me what you did–that they had read the CWG a while ago and maybe it’s time to read them again. What I suggest is try listening to the audio version if you had read the text before.

      What I found in the CWG is practical guidelines. I think we all probably have questioned how to reconcile our spiritual knowing with the practical demands of life. Life is a journey of remembering who I really am and manifesting the highest version of me, whatever that is. This is of course not instant nor easy nor am I consitently successful. But looking at this way takes away a lot of cdnflict and questions.


  3. Yvonne

    Ah yes, I can relate to what you say about reconciling spiritual knowing with practical demands of life! It’s been a huge challenge for me over the years, with a tendency towards beating myself up when I “fell short.” 2 books really helped me to give myself permission to be more loving with myself: Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani and Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff. Both these books (though possibly more so Moorjani’s) are a reminder that we are spiritual beings having a human experience – and that that human aspect is important, and needs tenderness.

    1. Kaushik

      Anita Moorjani’s book is on my list to read; I’ve heard about it from several people now. I’m glad you found it resonant.

  4. Neerav Trivedi

    Ah, the idea that a God who is the embodiment of infinite stillness, silence and peace actually “talks” to people. Hmm…where have I heard that before? If God actually “talks” to anyone, it is normally by an inner knowingness that presents itself silently as a self-revelation. For me, that is how I have been communicated with, along with feelings of peace, joy, Oneness, Allness, bliss, etc… from deep within, especially after doing prayers. I have NOT ONCE been personally communicated to God in terms of a voice either from outside or from within me, nor have I ever personally “conversed” (or “talked”) back and forth with God as I would do with any other person.

    God does not actually “talk” to people like I am having a conversation with you or anyone else, whether you hear a voice outside of yourself or from within yourself. God does not speak in a physical voice or in automatic writings (He does not move your hand and controls what you write as if you are a puppet).

    Also, take into account the fact that throughout human history, people have done many crazy and terrible things (including today) because they were “supposedly” told by God to do them in terms of actually hearing God’s voice in thier heads. The truth is, however, was that they were either paranoid, hallucinating or were imagining it to occur. The same thing can be said with respect to “talking to” or having a “conversation” with God.

    To that extent, here is what the late spiritual teacher by the name of Dr. David R. Hawkins, who himself was Enlightened/Self-Realized, said in the book “Eye of the I” about this subject:

    “God does not talk to anyone. A voice booming out of the heavens is at best an interpretation of an inner experience which has been projected onto the physical world. Sound is a physical vibration. God is all present within the physical. That which is formless does not manipulate sound waves.

    Enlightened beings do not relate any experience of being spoken to or verbally addressed by God. This would surmise a duality of God versus to whom God is speaking. In reality, the Self and God and Allness are one. There is no seperation between the speaker and that which is spoken to. Mystics attune to God by an unspoken knowingness. Messages fromm God are from the spiritual ego which has become disassociated and projected as some other ‘reality’. ‘Voices from God’ are usually hallucinations. Occasionally, they are due to astral entities, some of who claim ‘Godship'” (pg 153).

    Dr. Hawkins in other books also mentions the danger of how astral entities could imitate God in order to mislead and decieve people, especially spiritual seekers, hence turning them away from God. The reason why is that astral entities hate God and are jealous of Him. Hence, Dr. Hawkins warned us to be careful because you would want to make sure that the spiritual guidance that you are getting is really from God Himself, and not from astral entities pretending to be God or an Enlightened being.

    From studying the so-called “Intermediate Zone” as per Sri Aurobindo, Paul Brunton and others, what I wrote about with respect to Dr. Hawkins has been confirmed as true, because astral entities are very clever, devious and cunning, and can imitate God or any Enlightened being and decieve people into thinking that the guidance they are getting is Divine in nature, but in reality, it is not. Sri Aurobindo warned about this to his disciples in his letter on the “Intermediate Zone” back in 1932. Paul Brunton also mentioned this very fact in his works, “The Notebooks”.

    Therefore, what Neale Donald Walsh “thinks” or “believes” is God Himself that he is coversing with could actually be astral entities that are pretending to be God, which is a spiritually dangerous game to play. Given what I wrote above, this very much seems to be the case here, and so, I would be “VERY” careful here. The information presented by Mr. Walsch in his CWG books, although it may “seem” valid as being Divine or spiritual in nature, is not really, since it is coming from a astral entity, whose goal is to mislead people away from God. Caveat emptor, my friends!!! .

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hehe, okay, fair enough.

      Your objection is actually handled pretty well in the book itself.

      The way I see it, there are some questions to which I do not know the answer, and I am okay with that. I can leave them be. Was God really speaking to Neale Diamond Walsch? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. The way God is presented in the work is not different from the way Ramana and Nisargadatta talk about oneness/awareness. Maybe Walsch was talking to himself during a period of intense clarity. That’s not relevant to the material.

      It’s curious though that you think it conceivable that astral entities out of jealousy and hate of God can mislead and deceive people; but God cannot commmunicate to people? I am not saying either is true or not true. I don’t know.

      In my view, it’s irrelevant. It’s not about beliefs. Ramana and Nisargadatta say a lot of things about consciousness. John Sherman talks about an original fear. Tolle talks about ego and presence and acceptance. Advaita has a particular view of existence. And so on. There are lots and lots of ideas and concepts.

      My approach has been to take an idea and see the truth of it in my own experience. I found Nisargadatta and Ramana interesting, but did not accept or reject what they say. I tested their suggestion of holding on the sense of I am, or using the inquiry who am i, which Sherman clarified for me. The release technique, and noticing, and so on, which I talk about are are from actual testing in experience of these ideas.

      That much is the same for what I say and will say about the CWG.

      And to be fair, there are a few things in the CWG which people will accept, or not accept. These are the ideas of reincarnation and how the world came to be and why the world is the way it is. As far as I can tell these ideas cannot be tested in actual experience. The acceptance or non-acceptance of these ideas is the same as the acceptance or non-acceptance of the idea of naughty astral entities. The way I deal with these ideas is through feeling. The feeling of alignment; the feeling of love informs me.

      And really these esoteric ideas are not important. The important ideas are the ones which are practical; the ones which show up in our human lives. I like the explanations on how to live, how to be. The work clears up a lot of confusion for me. The CWG has the best discourse on the purpose and mechanics of human relationships which I have ever heard. It confirmed for me that all thoughts and emotions come from love or fear. And so on.

      The way I see it is that all these people, Ramana and Nisargadatta and Sherman and Tolle and Hawkins and Walsch and Advaita and life itself, presents us with pointers and ideas. My approach has been to test these ideas in actual experience. And I go with that which resonates with the feeling of love in me.

      So do not believe. Better not to believe. Better to test it for yourself.

      1. Neerav Trivedi

        God does not communicate or talk the way Neale Donald Walsh or others like him present it as. I did a program in which you can hear God’s voice (supposedly) as audible and converse with Him in the same way as CWG. But when I read that paragraph from the book I quoted, I was shocked and stunned and quit it immediately, throwing everything out. I would never have suspected that it could posibly be an astral entity that I was actually communicating with (as opposed to God by an inner knowingness that silently reveals itself), which would be spiritually catastrophic. To this day, things like CWG will be met with a LOT of spiritual skepticism on my part.

        To this day, I have made quite a bit of spiritual progress without the program that I was doing that I mentioned above. I have no regrets for making the decision to get rid of all of that to this day.

        The way it is presented, CWG sounds like Neale Donald Walsh is talking to God as I am to you right now. As God is said to be nondualistic, that would mean that you and God or me and God are actually one and the same, in essence. As I said before, I don’t ever remember God speaking in an audible voice or automatic writings, though there are times, more often than not lately, when what I write just comes to me without me thinking as to what to write and how to write it. It just comes…….it’s weird. I am not sure if that is God or I am writing from the point of view of the Self, in which it just comes automatically. Still investigating, but am loving it all the same.

        As for the last thing yous aid in your reply about finding out for yoruself…….that reminded me of the Buddha, who said the exact same thing, which is what I am doing, even for all the spiritual teachings that I am reading, and would HIGHLY recommend it to everyone.

        Have a great weekend!!! =)

        1. Kaushik Post author

          Neerav, I understand what you are thinking, for I had similar thoughts about the CWG. I’ve heard of of it before, but I had always dismissed it. I thought maybe what it was really was one man’s enthusiasm for the Christian religion. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not something I am interested in it.

          A person who visits this website had emailed me and recommended it to me, saying something like that after she read this, she realized that fear was no longer even an option.

          I’m still surprised that I picked it up. And in listening to it for the first few minutes, the objection still kept coming up in my mind. I don’t use the word God. It’s just awarness/oneeness/everything-that-is-and-isn’t. But the objection dissolved very quickly as I realized that what is being said is very consistent with all that I have been pursuing in the last few years.

          I believe that once the intention for truth is clear, whatever we need pops up at the right time. I can’t prove this of course, but it does seem to have worked this way for me. I only read Tolle and it only made sense to me because at that time I was in emotional pain. At any other time, I would have intellectually dismissed it. My interest in the CWG worked in the same way. It really is not something I would have picked up. I would have had, did have, all sorts of mental objections to it.

          Have a great weekend as well!


          1. Nitin

            Hi, Nirav,

            There is a big different in information & knowledge, What we have is 100% information collected from parents, society & books & others assumption. The reason we keep confirming of these findings with others and convincing others of our finding is because these are information only. Knowledge will not do that. STOP IT.
            Namaste, Kaushikbhai,
            I have not read or listen CWG & not interested at this point, You have searched, read, wrote & tried practical approached enough in 8 years, Let it be come as natural, stay away from it. and BOTTOM LINE is YOU KNOW IT.


            1. Kaushik Post author

              Hi Nitin,

              Yes, I understand what you are saying. What you say is wise and I would say it myself.

              To clarify, my exploration now is joyous and creative. It had been, before, traumatic and confusing and lonely and doubtful.

              There is no effort to this for me. I do this because I want to. I do not do this to feel better, or to find an answer, or from fear.

              You see what I’m saying? Even when fear goes away (and I’m not saying all fear has gone away in me; I don’t think it has), life continues. Life continues to be the human drama it is, it continues to be an adventure, it continues to be creative, it presents newness and challenges all the time, it is capricous.

              I was not looking for answers in the CWG. I am happy as it is. The work has happened to have enhanced my world view. And so I am grateful.

              I hope you and your family are doing well. It has been a long time since I’ve heard from you.


              1. Nitin


                Very well said, Life is unfolding continuously every movement, and when your mind is clear you can witness as a third party to enjoy drama of it. I needed my words more then any/you, so please don’t take it as advice.
                its like a shopping, more you see it more choices front of you & its because hard to decide & time goes by without decision and at during that time (all the time) life continue unfolding it & you have only one choice is to take it. I have not decided lots of moral issue in life and missed the boat, felt like keep missing it. Fear of society could be one of the reason.
                Lately I am listening Osho on Leu-tse, so its possible that I have spoken based on the that. I have enjoyed the Hindi lectures of Osho on various topics, not that every thing what he said is to the date, but I salute him for way he has explained the “Tao-taking” & Maha-geeta by Estavakra” these two has lots of answers which we are looking for. Leu-tse and those scholars has knowledge of life and its like a pouring rain.
                I go for walk or seat in backyard doing nothing, I don’t have any life/important thoughts other then day to day life of me, so I wonder some time, why i don’t think like thinker or see as those scholar. The answer I found, is that be yourself, don’t force to do it, we don’t have to be any body, be in to the being & accept it. This answer also come from others but I have seen the glimpse of it. At the end things always get worked out, we are the one stay in middle and get upset & flow with emotions and we all can say it by looking our past. By writing here I am telling myself as well.
                We are doing fine, now a days its a smooth ride, kids are on the track of studying, enjoying nice spring weather, looking forward to travel few places.


                1. Kaushik Post author

                  What you say is wise. Osho is pretty good–he had the ability to explain in a very simple and meaningful way.

                  Yes, it’s about being who we are. This business of life, to be who we are, is not easy. The problem with trying to be who we are, is that fear gets in the way. So I still believe that the basic problem is the delusion of fear.

                  And as I said, I feel very fortunate that now, at least for now, my exploration of the self is not the traumatic, urgent, frantic search that it was. Now, it is curious and enjoyable. For that I am very grateful.

                  Good to you’re doing well. You had a hard winter up there. Enjoy the spring!


  5. Neerav Trivedi


    Are you telling me to stop it? Who are YOU to order me around, when I am simply sharing what I know to help you and others here? You got a long way to go before you become Enlightenment, let alone get moksha at this rate, and I hope, for YOUR sake, Nitin, that you both fix and get over yourself.

    And yes, Nitin, the fact that you have a big enough ego to tell me to “STOP IT” show more about you than it does about me. That is all…….

  6. Nitin

    We both can go on and on about who is right & whose ego is less/more, never mind, I prefer that other’s comment on the other part of the my comment/writing then ‘Stop it’ (lets pick up the good apple from basket !)

  7. Siegrid

    Thank you for posting about this book. I’ve just received the 3 book collection. So far I am enjoying it and relating to it. I’ve watched the video on youtube as well. I recommend it!
    Thank you again. If it wasn’t for you and your website I would never have come this far.
    Love and blessings to you.

  8. Davidya

    Hi Kaushik
    I got introduced to CWG through the film. (Being a film buff) I also engaged in a followup discussion group that read from and discussed the first book. We then branched into other material. I enjoyed it, but there is indeed the issue of source. It takes some skilled energetic literacy to grok where some of this stuff comes from.

    As others have noted here, there are certainly a plethora of astral entities who are happy to have your attention. And a lot of communication “from God” often comes through an intermediary of some sort, whatever you want to call them. And I’ve seen a few examples where the “messenger” presented a simple front that was a little misleading. But to suggest God never communicates directly is not a useful conceptual idea. History is full of examples to illustrate otherwise. And others where God becomes embodied to tell a larger story. But, yes, one has to have travelled deep for a connection to be direct.

    That said, skepticism is a useful trait around this stuff. There’s more trash than gems.
    That would be my 2 bits anyway.

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Davidya,

      Yeah there are certainly some questions which come up about the CWG. I have mixed feelings about this. I am more interested in the first book than the next two. And I do have questions in my head. Sometimes it seems that the ideas presented are ideas taken from other aspects of spirituality. For example, the idea that thoughts are creative and productive, is sommething of current interest.

      Some of what is said in CWG can actually be tested. Some ideas cannot.

      I think what I liked about the CWG is that it’s providing me with paradigm of living. Many of us who are exploring the self are confused about how to reconcile our spiritual views with daily business of living. The CWG has cleared up for me my views on money, daily living and so on. My approach is still the same. My approach is a subtraction approach of observation, of noticing what’s going on inside. Looking at who-am-I, releasing, and simply observing–this I think is what makes me more and more conscious of fear and beliefs in me.

      The CWG provides a slightly different aspect of this. It informs me, for example, on gratitude and why gratitude is important, in a way that I did not understand before.

      But yes questions about it remain in my head. The source, as well as the fact that some of what is said requires belief, which in a way is the opposite of what my appraoch has been. Strangely, I am comfortable with this paradox.


      1. David

        Yeah, I’ve found culturing gratitude immensely important. It allows you to step into a place of deep forgiveness and clear a lot of the energetic baggage we so often carry.

        I also prefer material where the source is more direct or clear but if you take it with the caveat that its source is unclear and the filter (Walsch) is present, there is some value there.

  9. Umi Redwalla

    Dear Kaushikbhai: first I am enormously grateful for your slides on Awareness and Release. OUr journeys have been similar. Advaita is now a way of life. Years ago, I bought the Neale’s complete set and read it cover to cover as it gripped “me.” However, since 2005 when I picked Sri Nisargadatta’s work, and become steeped in Advaita and the nature of reality, Neales work cleared intednded to come from a place of a “separate self.” In that stead, I have moved on from his work and find most points useless and vested in keeping a separate and illusory self. And some of the “concepts” he espouses are just down right nonsensical. Nonetheless, it will bring value to those just starting out on the pathless path.

    Look foward to your work. Thank you and namaste. Umi

    1. Kaushik Post author

      Hi Umi,

      You’re welcome–but the Awareness and Release thing I wrote a long time ago and have not updated. And I have not written here for a while either. I feel clear, though there is further to go, I feel clear and in-tune and don’t have much to say right now.

      The way you feel about the CWG I think I feel about most of what I’ve encountered on this journey. There is a feeling that what I resonated with or learned or practiced or connected with was useful but also in many ways misleading.

      I look forward to hearing more from you.


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