Being human – notes to self

  1. Life is a journey from fear to love. From unconsciousness to consciousness.
  2. The meaning of life is the meaning you give it.
  3. You’re a triumvirate of you (soul), mind and body.
  4. The answers are within you.
  5. The greatest tools you have are feeling, experience and observation.
  6. Follow your highest feeling. It resonates with your soul’s agenda.
  7. You are a non-physical being having a physical experience. Experience is where consciousness meets the physical world.
  8. You exist. Since you exist, you have always and will always exist.
  9. There is only Consciousness (love, God, existence). Consciousness individuates and expresses itself in this created physical reality so it may know itself through experience. Love is all there is.
  10. We call darkness upon ourselves and forget who we are so that we can choose again to be who we are.
  11. This physical world is a world of relationships. Everything exists in relation to something else. You relate to others and to your surroundings and even to your own mind (thoughts, ego, ideas) and body.
  12. A relationship (with another human being) is your opportunity to express to the universe who you are in relation to other.
  13. There is nothing right or wrong; there is nothing good or evil. Right and wrong are opinion.
  14. Everything changes.
  15. There are no lessons—only remembrance of what you already know. Life is a process of creation. Life is a continuous opportunity for you to express to the universe who you are.
  16. Harm and judgment are not a necessary part of the human experience. Everyone is a mirror of you. What you hate or love in others is what you fear or cherish within you.
  17. Fear is attractant energy. One big obstacle to a resonant life is the fear of life, which in turn creates a troublesome ego and a blinding identification with the mind.
  18. The ego is the set of thoughts and emotions and beliefs you have about you.
  19. Fear and its effects on the mind can be reversed by looking at the sense of I am.
  20. The identification with the mind can be overcome by observing. Observing thoughts is a good place to start.
  21. Releasing emotions is a forgotten natural skill which can be remembered again. Emotions are thoughts which are energetic enough to cause sensations in the body. Emotions can be expressed, suppressed or released. To release an emotion, observe the sensations it causes, fully allow the sensations it causes, and let them go.

8 thoughts on “Being human – notes to self

  1. Andy Freedman

    Hi Kaushik:

    My first post here. While reading what you wrote, it just really elevated my spirit. It made me wonder why this, as well as other great writings, aren’t taught in elementary or junior high schools. Thank you!

    Andy Freedman

  2. Penny M. Polokoff

    Namaste and thank you so much for your post. It is a wonderful reminder that we are one, all of our unique interpretations of the one, and in perfect harmony from observer to observer. Just delicious fulfillment for the soul to hear first thing in the morning.

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