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Re: Awakening

(edited) Dear -, Awakening is awakening in the dream and awakening out of the dream. I am at the first. What does it feel like? Well, I had anxiety and depression for twenty years. Anxiety is gone. The psychological unhappiness of depression is gone. I can operate in the world from a place of calm and peace. There is very little fear (although there is a little) and I am not attached to the outcome of desires, seeing desires as fear turned outward. It's nice. However, this is not full Read more [...]

An email exchange

(Edited) I did the same--I wrote for myself for a long time before I started the blog. Writing gives us another mechanism to grow. The human mind is not always the best place to look from. Writing gives us the ability to look at arm's length, which can sometimes be valuable. Atheism is interesting. It's a trend now--many younger people resonate with it, which is not a bad thing, and it may actually balance some of the craziness of religious beliefs. But atheism is the polar opposite of Read more [...]