Monthly Archives: December 2010

Why you won’t look

Honesty We're not concerned about external honesty here. That kind of honesty that we want, or say we want, outside to others--well, that's kind of important, but not for awakening. I've had clinical depression, and any depressive will tell you that depression makes you into a very capable liar. A depressive's life swings up and down, inexorably, exhaustively, and others' perception of you swings with it, so you learn to lie to smooth out people's expectations of you. We're not concerned with Read more [...]

Maya is a bitch

Well, I haven't been swarmed by a bunch of gleeful, flower-bikini-clad spiritual babes. Maybe that will still happen. And my mortgage lender refuses to believe I don't exist. The bastard. Seriously, though. It's a no-big-deal kind of a thing. That's not bad. That's truth. This technique is solid. You don't exist. It's compelling and unrelenting. And it's here in real life, not in the abstraction of meditation or concepts. And what does it do for you? Well, it's truth. That's Read more [...]