Monthly Archives: November 2010

Notice I do not exist

Notice, notice everything, with the view I don't exist, without expectation or anticipation or projection. This is the inquiry I am doing. When doubts pop up, I ask what it is that is doubting. When thought-stories pop up, I inquire who the story is about. My conceptual understanding of "I do not exist" is complete, and yet the recognition has not dawned. photo credit: kevindooley And that's okay. I can be patient. There is no frustration. Only noticing. There is no secret or pointer Read more [...]


Thanks to the people who are patiently giving me feedback. Ciarin, Robert, and all the people commenting on this site--much thanks for helping and sharing. photo credit: jdxyw What is it that I know for sure? There is existence. Not: I exist. Only: there is existence. I do not exist. It isn't like I existed and someone came by and handed me my mind and my body and my awareness and my life. What was born was a body and a mind and life and awareness and an inquisitive playfulness. Read more [...]

The Inquiry continues…

Because we have it backwards. Notice the way we approach awakening. You get an insight. Then you take on practices. You meditate, you practice awareness,  you practice presence, you observe thought, you release, you loosen attachment to beliefs, you try to understand acceptance, you read, you memorize, you practice, you seek. photo credit: jdxyw You try to understand why you feel dejected and confused, you wonder why you feel this way if you're awakening... The conventional spiritual Read more [...]