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The Parable of the Colored Rocks

"Say to yourself, 'I have certain attitudes and ambitions. I also have friends and allies in these attitudes. But what would happen to me if they suddenly withdrew their support of me?' Do this and you will understand one kind of fear - the fear of standing all alone. But you can stand all alone, which is the only stand having no fear. Stand in the light of your own lamp and see for yourself. Self-discovery is really a lot of fun." -Vernon Howard Once upon a time there lived a woman called Maya Read more [...]

Do you have a love-hate relationship with life?

"I might as well tell you right at the start of this talk that you're not living your own life and I want you to listen to the talk tonight so that you can get a start on living from who you really are. You're living from who you are not now, whether you're aware of it or not. You don't have any true strength inside of you, anyone can do anything, and that is no way to live. And doesn't this make sense what I'm going to say next. Regardless of the endless anxiety and the deep wounds and the Read more [...]

Awakening and Depression

What is depression? Blah-ness. Dryness, emptiness, futility, disengagement. Painful to lift a finger. The opposite of love. Here’s my description of what depression feels like. By depression, I mean the mild to moderate clinical illness which has both physical and psychological symptoms and affects mood, thoughts, emotions and level of energy. photo credit: h.koppdelaney Does Awakening overcome depression? I had episodes of anxiety for twenty years, worsening over time. With this Read more [...]

Awakening and Science: Research in Consciousness

How can the flux of ions and electrical currents in little specks of jelly the neurons in my brain generate the whole subjective world of sensations like red, warmth, cold or pain?” -Dr. V. S. Ramachandran photo credit: Patrick Hoesly Here, I list some interesting research into consciousness. The illusion of free will Benjamin Libet and others have done some experiments which show free will may be an illusion. You are asked to wriggle your finger when you want to while a PET scan is Read more [...]