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Cleansing with the Breath: A simple Release method

For a person of unsoddened mind, unassaulted awareness, abandoning merit and evil, wakeful, There is no danger or fear -Translated by Thanissaro Bhukkhu Awareness and Release are really the same thing. As awareness grows, we become more and more aware of our patterns and conditioning, and this helps us let go. And as we let go, we become lighter and more aware. photo credit: J. Tegnerud Releasing is something we all understand, but it’s not something that is always easy to put in practice. Read more [...]


Have you ever experienced total peace, total flow? Have you felt complete inner Silence, feeling (not thinking) completely a part of your surroundings, when time has stopped or slowed down? Open up your senses. Meet perception half-way. Listen to the sounds around you right now. See if you can meet them half-way, so that there is no delay between sensing and hearing. There is no delay when there is no interpretation. photo credit: alicepopkorn This experience of innate, effortless awareness Read more [...]


You are born. Some stuff happens in the middle. Then you die. “May I ask just one question?” put in one of the others. “In what manner should one live one’s daily life?” As though one were living for that single day, for that single hour. “How?” If you had only one hour to live, what would you do? “I really don’t know,” he replied anxiously. Would you not arrange what is necessary outwardly, your affairs, your will, and so on? Would you not call your family and friends together Read more [...]