Monthly Archives: April 2010

Releasing gets easier and easier and easier …

If you’re like most people, you will resist letting go in one way or another. You might see the value of it right away. Perhaps you read about it here or you know about the Sedona Method or M2method or Byron Katie or EFT or through some sort of meditation. If you’re like me, you probably, said, well there’s probably something to this, but I don’t understand it. I’ll think about it later. I need to know more. Some people even feel anger when they first encounter a release method. Our Read more [...]

A Chinese Finger Trap

Lisa of Mommy Mystic does a fabulous interview with Karen Miller. Karen suggests that the ego’s deft ability to fool ourselves is a good reason to seek out a teacher.  A good teacher can keep us honest. It’s an excellent point. But many of us do not resonate with spiritual traditions or gurus. There is a great deal of wisdom in the traditions of Advaita, Yoga, Zen, Dogzchen, Tao, Buddhism, Gnostics, Kaballah, Sufism and others, but I don’t lean towards ashrams and gurus and traditions, Read more [...]


2010 will continue the evolution you have been feeling for some time now. You may be tired from the climb of recent years. The seeking, and frustration, and the times when you think you’ve risen above some spiritual threshold only to be humbled back down, and the times of three steps forward and two back—all of it is tiring. Perhaps you dabbled in spirituality. But if you hang around these circles you’ve run into a “spiritualized” ego. I know one right now. A “spiritualized” ego Read more [...]