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The Basics — 13 key points about the flow of awakening

You are born. You die. In the middle some stuff happens. We have trouble with the middle stuff but really it’s simple once we see that it’s all awareness. Our basic state is awareness. Everything else pops up as points of view in awareness. The only essential question is:  Is there enough joy and lightness and compassion in my life? Maybe your essential question is a little different but you know what I mean. This is it. And if there isn’t enough joy and Read more [...]

Divine Valentine and 2012

Divine Valentine I had watched a thirteen year old little girl with yellow curls and a short blue ice skating dress, whirl around the ice for days, hours at a time, and one night she skated over to me and said Gruss Gott! Another time, in German, want to see me do something? I smiled. I was too shy to say anything. I had grown up in an Indian family in Uganda, Africa, we were refugees in a UN camp in Austria, with a very uncertain future. Of course, at 14, it was all an adventure for me. I Read more [...]

How do we know what is good for us?

In response to why we don’t do the things which are good for us, Marc asked, reasonably, how do we even know what’s good for us? What a wonderful question! What is it that you really want? The conventional wisdom The lifestyle which our conditioning and society pushes on us is not conducive to awakening. It’s a product of collective and individual egos. We strive for status, money, our mixed ideas of beauty, and certainty. If we look deeply, we see we are conditioned to strive for control, Read more [...]

A Handbook of Awakening – 36 key tips

Notes to self. Get in the flow of Awakening: There is no end-game. It’s an ever-going process. However, there are thresholds, and with some practice, we can be in the flow of awakening, where it will continue to ebb and flow, go forward and recede, on its own, and the movement will be towards a being who is natural, with a tendency to enjoy all experiences, and a tendency to act from fresh innocence instead of stale beliefs and fear. Awareness: This is the magic which makes it all happen. Read more [...]