Monthly Archives: November 2009

Saying Aloha to Fear

Letting go of the F-thing is really rather simple. Say Aloha. Hello and Good-bye. I picked up a The Sedona Method book a while back and I don’t know why because when I did I was interested in awakening, not self-development, and I had assumed, wrongly, that this book would be about another one of those conquer-the-world self-improvement buy-me-now things. It’s actually an amazing tool which works very well for letting go fear. You might get the wrong idea because their marketing Read more [...]

Mother’s Day: On gold-smuggling, refugees, and the strength of women

On a hot African day in 1972, my mother and I were standing in line at the Post Office in Kampala, Uganda. She was dressed in a turquoise sari, her hair was braided and lustrous, and she was clutching a large cardboard box in her hands. I still had my school uniform on, a white shirt, khaki shorts, black shoes, long tan socks, with a garter in the socks. The garter had a little flag; the color of flag indicated the form you were in. Mine was green for 8th form. We had packed the box earlier. It Read more [...]

You don’t need no F-thing

What I want is for you to be aware. To live consciously. I don’t want it for you like the republicans want you to be republican. Or insert your –an,  -ist. I don’t want it like an organization. Not like the law of attraction or some other belief system working on people’s desires and hopes. So actually I don’t want it for you. It’s more like here it is. Take it if you’re ready. Pay me, so I can continue to do more. If you want. It’s just that it’s helped me. Transformed, Read more [...]

Getting into the flow of Awakening

Early 2007ish. A relationship is over. Pain. A job is over. Deep in depression. Overweight. Drinking. Giving up. Acceptance. A small shift. Observing the mind, observing thought. Effort. Clever and useless revelations. The year of High energy, high activity. Traveling. Awakening is now far more important than security, approval, or control. A settling. Can’t find job. Anxiety. Severe Anxiety. Discovery of how to release. Clinging to beliefs loosens. Detachment-Apathy-Insomnia-Isolation. Read more [...]


At the beach in the summer, a glorious hot morning, the sunshine on my shoulders reminds me the universe is benign and warm. The soft crunch of hot sand oozing up through my toes reminds me of the connectedness of everything, bringing me right down to mother earth. Everyone at the beach is always happy, open and playing and right here and now. The dogs running around are happy and saying it. The water is warm, but the initial dive is a cold slap in the chest, and even this feeling is important, Read more [...]