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You know the story of the boy who cried wolf—this kid is watching over the village sheep and he’s bored and does what I would have done as a boy, let’s just see what happens if I cry wolf, and the villagers come running out, once, twice, and the third time they don’t come and of course there’s actually a wolf munching up the sheep, and we’re supposed to learn something from this, I don’t know, something like we shouldn’t lie, certainly not three times, but the thought that springs Read more [...]

Finding Passsion and Purpose: The Tipping point in the fulcrum of change

What’s the purpose of your life? When our basic needs are met, this is the question that comes up. We want to find purpose or passion. Why? Nadia of HappyLotus recently wrote, with usual excellence, about an interview with Jeff Klein, who has written a book called “Work for Good” and in it he uses a quotation from Goethe which gives a hint as to why it’s important to us find a purpose or passion: Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Read more [...]

Days of Our Discontent — Finding Answers

Finding Answers Last week I wrote about how adversity in my life brought me to awakening about three years ago, and not surprisingly, the article struck a chord with many. Most of us are rather too familiar with discontent. I’ve been through many cycles of examining my life-situation, as I’m sure you have too.  And of course during those times many of us feel worry, anxiety, fear, disappointment, hopelessness, defeat, and exhaustion. We want to be fitter, richer, more attractive, more effective, Read more [...]

Our Days of Discontent

Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don't have to like it... it's just easier if you do… –Byron Katie Sooner or later, we all face the essential question: what is life about? On the exterior, my life had gone rather smoothly. My family is Indian but I grew up in Uganda, East Africa, which is almost an idyllic place to grow up, if you have money, and we did. Life was very good and easy Read more [...]