Monthly Archives: July 2009

How to Stop Compulsive Thoughts: Letting Go in Four Steps

What can we do with those pesky recurring thoughts? They are usually of a negative variety: about longing, or anger, or humiliation, or perhaps vengeance. You’re thinking of something unjust that happened to you or something someone said to you. Or perhaps, you want someone to act or feel a certain way. Sometimes it's your to-do lists. Sometimes recurring thoughts are about wanting to be heard. You have something to say to someone and haven’t been able to and thought-conversations swirl in Read more [...]

Banish the ANGST of the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is not wrong. It’s just upside down. The Law of Attraction does work–Patanjali mentioned it two thousand years ago in the Yoga Sutra, and the ACIM says thoughts can move mountains, and the Buddha said everything we are, we have thought. The Bible says “Ask and ye shall receive.” The problem is wanting. In our dualistic minds, we have come to fervently believe that there is no getting without wanting. We have also come to intimately believe in substitute desires. Read more [...]

My Really Big Marketing Mistake or What is this Site all About?

A marketing consultant wrote about, using it as an example of how not to market, saying: Take a look at this site on the topic of meditation - and the products they are offering under the "books" tab. Notice anything strange? I do! They have some incredible products targeting a sweet spot in a market that badly needs their information - how overcome the difficulty so many people have with meditation. At stake is our very happiness, health and quality of life - but for all of Read more [...]

How to get into FLOW at will

What is Flow? How do we get into a state of flow at will? Have you watched an athlete play and been amazed at the ease and grace with which he moves? It seems so easy, natural, efficient, and just right. There is no hesitation in action. There doesn’t seem to be anyone deciding anything; action arises mutually with circumstance. Athletes call this being in “The Zone.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (whose name is just slightly less unpronounceable than mine) first researched this this phenomenon Read more [...]