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The Red Pill of Awakening

“You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” –Morpheus to Neo in the movie The Matrix A few people—very, very few—have awakened accidentally and instantly. Many never have the insight that there is a possibility beyond the mind—a Read more [...]

Zen – what it is

What's called Zen, which is C'han in Chinese tradition and Dhyan in Sanskrit, is no longer Zen once you call it Zen. This is the problem with words and thinking. I can only say this in words. And you can only understand the words, and the thoughts around these words. But these words and thoughts are only signposts, and not even good ones. Zen is a rather fashionable word these days. The ancients in India called it tathata. It means that-that, and connotes "what it is." Tat tvam asi, means That Read more [...]

Being Present – 9th excerpt from Awakening is Simple, and Closing

Being Present The present moment has always been available to spiritual seekers, but as long as you are seeking you are not available to the present moment. "Seeking" implies that you are looking to the future for some answer, or for some achievement, spiritual or otherwise. Everybody is in the seeking mode, seeking to add something to who they are, whether it be money, relationships, possessions, knowledge, status.. or spiritual attainment. –Eckhart Tolle The immediacy of life in the present Read more [...]

Metta Zap and Release Meditation – 8th Awakening is Simple book excerpt

Release Meditation “Once there was a man who hated his own shadow. When he walked and found that his shadow was close behind him, he began to walk faster and faster. But the faster he moved, the closer his shadow came. So he ran like a madman...and in the end, he dropped dead. Those who do not understand the Dao are just like the man who hated his shadow. It is actually very easy to be rid of one’s shadow — just rest under a tree. Just rest.” -Zhuang Zhou Shut your eyes. Relax. Use any Read more [...]

Zen Living – The Hundredth Monkey and the Third Guy

The fun starts with the third guy, at about the one-minute mark. This is how wonderfulness spreads. It starts with one person, who the rest see as loony. Perhaps another joins in to mock. A third gets it. And then there is the celebration of being. Is there hope for humanity? Ken Keyes in the “Hundredth Monkey” details a hopeful phenomenon observed in Japanese monkeys. Monkeys love sweet potatoes. A young monkey had learned that a sweet potato tastes much better if she washed it in Read more [...]

If you’re happy…

If you’re happy … Congratulations. Don’t waste your time with this…go, be happy (and share your journey in the comments). If you’re not happy, it’s not because you’re ill, or you’re poor, or you don’t have a good relationship, or you’re not attractive/fit/smart/capable enough, or that you don’t deserve happiness…it’s simply because you are uneasy. You have forgotten how to be. Somewhere back there you started to take the ego’s game too seriously. All you have to Read more [...]

Acceptance – 7th Awakening is Simple book excerpt

"Wherever you are, be there totally. If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally" -Tolle Acceptance is hard. The mind thinks acceptance is defeat, resignation, stoic tolerance. The mind thinks acceptance is locking in a reality it doesn’t like. The mind thinks acceptance is giving up hope. It’s actually just the opposite. Change happens only after complete acceptance. We Read more [...]

Zen Rebellion

(A little break from posting the Awakening is Simple book excerpts...) The problem with the human condition is the attachment to thought and fear. We can’t get rid of thoughts or the ego–nor do we need to. Developing awareness—a passive watchfulness--helps us see through thoughts and beliefs and the ego. The fear of separation is the root fear of all fears—and this fear is the cause of all that is insane—suffering, cruelty, violence, and the rest. In the absence of fear, Read more [...]

“Cease to Cherish Opinion” – 6th Awakening is Simple book excerpt

“Cease to Cherish Opinion” When we have the insight we are not our thoughts, we do we not awaken instantly? It’s because we cling to concepts. Clinging to concepts is the biggest obstacle to awakening. It can be a very obvious or a very subtle obstacle. It shows up in many ways: Resistance to starting: “I will become emotion-less”, “I need to understand completely first”. “What will I be without thoughts?” “I am not ready.” “I will start tomorrow.” The resistance Read more [...]