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Recovery from Anxiety and Depression

In late 2006 I was suicidally depressed. I was at the deepest end of the dark abyss of depression and I had given up on any attempt to climb out, knowing from the hundreds of prior attempts that all I’ll manage to do is tear off my fingernails without ever making it to light. I have always felt, like most of us, that there had to be a separate peace, perhaps a different possibility, if only I knew how to get at it. I devoured any thing I could find on depression or self-help, but those only Read more [...]

What Depression Feels Like

Depression is the opposite of Love. If Awake is the most expansive being, depression is the most contracted. Depression is deep futility. Every emotion is numb. You can’t feel pleasure or pain. You can’t remember what emotions felt like. You can’t imagine how it is possible to feel anything but the way you are feeling.  If you remember what normal felt like, you could perhaps reach for it. But you don’t. Your state knows no other state, cannot even guess that there are other ways to feel. There Read more [...]

Over on…

Over on Urban Monk, Albert writes about Acceptance. Albert's style is personal and warm. Acceptance is important; my turn-around started with the complete acceptance of depression and anxiety. At that time, the acceptance came not from wisdom, but from sheer exhaustion. I was tired of the struggle. The letting go of all judgment about depression, suddenly and unexpectedly brought about the change that had eluded me in my years of struggle. Over on In 2 Deep, Davidya, a few days ago, wrote about Read more [...]

How to Release Big and Small Emotions (Release)

This is a beautiful technique that’s as effective as it is simple. That’s because it’s very natural. We knew it as children but have forgotten how to use it. It works right away with emotions, but once you have some practice with it, you can use if just as well for thoughts and beliefs, and for releasing emotional baggage around desires. It helps to understand the structure of emotions. If we were fully functioning organisms, a feeling would simply be a transient message about something Read more [...]

How to Be Awareness Now (Awareness)

In the instant before you began to read this, there was Awareness. As soon as you started to read, Awareness was seemingly obscured by thought. But it is not obscured; it never is, for you could not read this without Awareness. Attention can be on Awareness, or it can be on objects in Awareness, in any case there is always Awareness. Read more [...]

How To

Forget about gurus and religions and satsangs. Forget about temples and churches and mosques. You don't need teachers or guides, and you don't need psychologists and therapists, and you don't need self-improvement guides and you most certainly don't need a "life coach." There is no "I'll be happy when". Read more [...]

Flow…In a Few Words

It's all about accessing our natural ability to be in flow. When we are in flow, living improves without effort on our part. Flow is happy, non-resitant living in the Now. It is so very natural that when we "arrive" it's hard to remember how or why we ever lived a life of struggle. Where is happiness to be found? We look for joy outside, in power, relationships, accumulation and many other things that make up living, when joy is already shining inside us. Consciousness, uncluttered with mind-stuff, Read more [...]

The Drunken Monkey in a Cage – Four Experiments

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become. -Buddha There is a veil between you and sublime reality, and this is the veil of thought. Identification with thought is an obstacle. We all live with a voice of thought in our heads. This is the incessant voice that has conversations, plays mental scenarios, comments, labels, and interprets. We have come to believe we are the voice. Let's try some fun experiments. This won't take more then Read more [...]